Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My latest insurance company correspondence

So I got four pieces of mail from various insurance companies yesterday. Basically my normal mail flow is 2-3 pieces of insurance crap mail, 2-3 credit card offers, 2-3 charity mailings, a catalog or two, and a few times a month my magazines. I like magazines. I get Good Housekeeping, Better Homes and Gardens, Country Living, and Redbook. I've literally been getting Better Homes and Gardens for ten years.

My goal is to add Real Simple, but it's expensive and I'm cheap (an ongoing theme of this blog).

So I realize that yesterday was quite a busy day insurance- junk mail time waster wise.

So either way, in the spirit of this blog being about Dovi, let's move on to talk about the notices.

One is from my CURRENT provider, Blue Cross. I sent in the receipts from Dovi's oxygen for the flights to camp to them. They are now denying it because "we have a $200 out of network deductible". That is SUCH a load of crap (I think). When we signed up, I could have sworn that we had no out of network deductible. Now, suddenly, we have an out of network deductible in the EXACT amount as the claim? Fishy. Very Fishy. Not as in Elisha Fishy. As in Doubtful and Fraudulent Fishy. Although Elisha Fishy is very charming. And ate four waffles for breakfast. He is very cute. So either way, they are faxing me my "benefits highlights" which I will compare to my paperwork at home, and will either (a) feel very silly or (b) go kick some Blue Butt (ohhhh that was funny)

The other three are from my PREVIOUS insurance company, Humana, that I have not had SINCE JANUARY OF 2008. As in eight months ago. Yet for whatever reason, Dovi's therapy clinic (y'know, the people who screwed him out of the 3pm OT slot? I'm not bitter. Not at all) persists in billing Humana EVERY month for his therapy. Humana rightfully denies it. I get the EOB. I file the EOB. At some point. When the "to file pile" falls off the shelf in my office closet onto my head. Have you all seen my office closet? It's very cute. But now that I don't work from home I don't use it so much. So I'm considering turning it into a kids craft area (this is the part where Benjie runs away screaming) because my little lovelies are psycho crafters and leave little pieces of paper. all. over. my den. floor. all. day. long and I'd like that to stop. Then I can use the desk as a sofa table in my living room. I swear. This blog is a continuous stream of consciousness. Follow if you can...

So that was piece one from Humana. Pieces two and three are my current fight with them. Of course there is also the fight about the eye doctor visits but we're not discussing that now.

Pieces two and three are pharmacy issues. In the past I have discussed my extreme love for Target pharmacy. Yes. There are two seperate posts devoted to this topic. Any special needs mom understands the need for an excellent pharmacy. But I digress.

We used to use Osco (boo! boo! boo!). When we did and we switched insurance plans (remember? Back in January?) For whatever idiot reason, Osco kept on billing Humana in February. Humana paid all the bills. Humana audited their books in JULY and realized this. The sent me two letters asking me to please pay them back the $400 in pharmacy claims they paid in error. $370 for Dovi, $30 for me.

I then called the devil Osco and they rudely informed me that since it was over six months ago, too bad, so sad, there's nothing they can do about it. They can't resubmit so far back. Click. Dial Tone...

So yet again I've been fighting. My inborn laziness has gotten the best of me and I've gotten my friends at the Chai Lifeline Insurance Advocacy program involved because I just do not have the emotional fortitude to fight with Osco and Humana. But I do need to spend another fifteen hours on the phone AGAIN dealing with it.



Stephanie said...

That post is like having a conversation with you. Oh look, a puppy.

Rachelz said...

Maybe it's a girl thing- because I absolutely talk, think, and write just like you do- on a random string of thoughts.
And I am very impressed that you know how to paste the pictures of the magazine covers to your blog.

Shosh said...

this has nothing to do with your post.

the whole time at that thing tonight, all i could think of was, sara should become a professional organizer! you know, in all your free time.

DESJ and Company said...

hardy har har Shosh. I'm organized. I'm not neat. That, my friend is a whole other ball game. Everything has a place-but not very neatly. Is that so wrong?

BTW Rochie says the same thing

Gretchen said...

Sara i love your random stream :)
Real Simple is dumb - way overpriced stuff in there. You need a mindless trash magazine like USWeekly or People (OK that is MY guilty pleasure).
Are we gonna get a recipe share for the Shana chicken?