Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Target vs. Jewel

Some of you have been lucky enough to hear my rants every time I used to go to Jewel to get Dovi's meds. I've actually cried at the pharmacy counter. You also might recall a few months back when I went to Target for Shana's strep meds and how loverly they were to me, and how I was going to switch Dovi's 8 million meds over, but was a bit unsure due to the lack of open 24 hour-ness of Target to accommodate my and Benjie's habit of running to get meds at 11:30 pm (ok, Benjie running after I sit bolt upright in bed and realize I forgot to pick up Dovi's morning meds).
So I switched-and decided I MUST be more organized-no more midnight med runs.
I know this is such a little thing-where you get your meds. But for a family that picks up 11 prescriptions per month, it's HUGE.
And Target is MAGNIFICENT. AMAZING. They are NICE! They are HELPFUL! They are TIMELY! It's honestly amazing how different it is. I walk in. I get the meds. I leave. They have them ready. If there is an issue, they have called the Medicaid office without me having to ask them! It's so insanely different. I can't believe I've waited this long!

Can you imagine it-a NICE pharmacy!

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