Thursday, May 22, 2008

I rock!

Two reasons why I ROCK today!
1) I found a pair of shoes I liked for Shana on zappos for $39. I searched and found them on for $27. Then I found a coupon for 15% off and free shipping. Total cost? $23. I rock :)
2) yesterday was Dovi's 3 year eval at Keshet with CPS. OK so I sucked yesterday when I forgot about it, had to RUN out of work, was conferenced in for the first 45 minutes, and showed up an hour late. But they told us they were only going to pay for Dovi's 1:1 for a half day. Why? B/c he only needed the 1:1 when transitioning, or going to the bathroom, etc-but not when sitting in the classroom. ummmm....

So it was my turn to talk. I said: "So you are suggesting that Keshet hire an aide to come from 10:15-10:25, 11-11:30, 12:05-12:25, etc? I would not take a job like that, and I do not think that you would either, Miss Chris Carter from CPS" then I went on: "And I would also like to remind you that we have gone to litigation in the past with CPS. I do not think this change is acceptable and I will not hesitate to contact my attorney again"

I also inquired who made this determination. Chris said that the nurse from CPS who observed him him did not thing he needed a 1:1 AT ALL-but she, Chris, out of the goodness of her heart, convinced the powers that be to pay for a 1:1 half day. I then asked for a copy of her report (the nurse). Chris said she did not have one-the nurse's opinion was noted on the eligibility page. I said "Wow-so the nurse who made this decision after observing Dovi for 1 hour made this determination but we have no paperwork. I don't think that's acceptable.

I remained 100% calm-as opposed to the Medicaid hearing! According to the staff I was eloquent and calm. So eloquent in fact that Dovi's teacher went back to the classroom and cried.

They called Keshet today. They've "changed" their minds and are paying for the 1:1 full time!
GO ME!!!

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Stephanie said...

You rock!
So what happened with the X-rays?