Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Two Cuties and a Hoodlum

Guess who forgot his baseball hat at home for the Bulls game?

Three very happy boys enjoyed a night at the Bulls game thanks to an awesome Chanukah gift.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We have a WINNER! And some fun news

OK so my laziness is now over. I have returned to the bloggy land.

And we have a winner!!!

Aviva, ST's mom, you are the happy winner of my $10 gift card checky thing! I'll toss it in your mailbox tomorrow-enjoy it!!

Thank you to everyone who participated...hee hee it was fun.

I'll have to make some more real giveaways in the future. Anything you all want me to give away? I'm relatively crafty and I coupon. Those are my qualifications for giveaway stuff.

Soo....on to my exciting news.

Y'all know how I am running on Team Lifeline. As is Benjie.

Well so is someone else. And I'll give you some hints.

He's 12.

He has Familial Dysautonomia.

He's cute.

He retches often.

He's a lover of french fries and chicken won tons.

This blog is named after him.

Yes, Dovi is running the marathon!!!! No, no, he's not running. He can hardly walk!

Raphi, his counselor (and maybe anyone else who wants a turn-Joe? You in?) is pushing him as a wheelchair participant on Team Lifeline!!

We're so so so freaking excited. Dream. Come. True.

Things are falling into place to make the trip work for our family, and we're all going down for the weekend. It's going to be a blast, and Dovi's so excited to "run" on Team Lifeline!

Yes, I promise. Lots of pictures. Insane amounts.

Six weeks and counting!

Monday, December 21, 2009


I missed it!

Scroll down and look on the right sidebar of my blog at the counter

I reached 100,000 hits!

This is cause for celebration!

Okay, I guess this calls for a party.

Let's make another

"Ask Sara a Question" party

And a giveaway. What to give away?


OK here's the plan.

I have a $10 "gift check"-a rebate check of sorts, that can be used at about 100 different stores. It can be used at movie theaters, or at bookstores for books, or for toys, and on and on. All the places it can be used are listed on the back of the check.

And in honor of my 100,000 blog hits, I'm giving it away.

All you need to do is leave me a comment.

I'll close the contest when I want to-hey, it's my blog, right???

Have fun!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stupid Children

Why on earth would you do this

And this

And this?

(but woah she's cute making snow triplets)

When you could sit here

And drink this?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009



I just finished my last final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have officially finished my first semester back at school!

I am now on vacation until January 19!

Big sigh of relief...

will report grades as they come in :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Feet

Guess what?

Finally, at long last, I bought myself a new pair of running shoes. They are the same ones I had before, just two years newer.

I must say, I had not a clue how worn out my old shoes were. It was like running on pillows! All nice and cushy, and shockingly my calves didn't have shooting pains up the front anymore.

But why did I need new shoes?

And for that matter, why did BENJIE buy himself a pair of running shoes?

Why that's because not only am I running the half marathon for Chai Lifeline this year, but so is BENJIE!

What do they say? The family that runs together?

So this will be year FOUR for Team Lifeline for me, year one for Benjie for Team Lifeline.

Since we are a family team, Benjie and I have committed to raise $6,000 for Chai Lifeline.

Sounds a little daunting, huh? It certainly is. But Chai Lifeline is an organization that I am passionate about. Dovi has gone to Camp Simcha Special for the past six summers, for two weeks of fun and happiness. All the money that we raise goes straight to fund Chai Lifeline programs. I like to think that my fundraising sends Dovi to camp.

Won't you consider a donation? C'mon, you know you want to! Every donation gets us closer to the goal. I believe we're up to about $4,500 us hit $6,000 by the end of December!

I'd love to give you a direct link to click to sponsor Benjie and me. But since I took our last name off the blog, I can't. Darn I'm silly. So if you want to sponsor me (remember, you really, really, REALLY want to!) email me at I'll email you back with the link to my sponsorship page.

OR if you know my in real life and know my last name (like about 99.9% of you), go to, click on "sponsor a runner", and enter my name: Sara P.......

Thank you all for your support!!!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What's that word

that means "to take responsibility? It starts with a "c" and I keep thinking "compliance" but I know that's not it.

Either way, a few nights ago I watched the A&E show "Hoarders" on TV. Oh My Heavens I almost passed out. Firstly, Mommy, DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK. You will have a nervous breakdown. Of course, watching the show made me want to clean house. You all know that my house is basically clean. But my closets could be neater. So.

OH! I remembered the word. It does not start with C. It is ACCOUNTABILITY. So in the spirit of both accountability and my twitchiness from watching Hoarders, I have made a list of that which needs to be done in my house. Obviously, I don't expect it to be done in one day. Or two. But the way I see it, if I do two tasks per day, my house should be loverly within about two weeks.

So I hereby give you my list of what needs to be done:

  1. Clean Dovi's closet
  2. Clean ESJ's closet
  3. Clean out ESJ's toys/books in their room/pack up baby books
  4. Clean MY closet
  5. Clean out/prepare to donate my clothes
  6. Clean out under my bed (moe Benjie's old shoes than anything-prepare to donate)
  7. Clean out hall closet-mostly kids' out of season clothes
  8. Clean out coat closet
  9. File the past 2 months of paperwork/prepare to archive 2009 (it IS December, folks)
  10. Organize toy closet (Sunday with kids?)
  11. Organize silver closet (I have this closet in my den in which I keep my silver and other Judaic stuff for Shabbos. It's a mess)
  12. Straighten Living Room bookshelves DONE THIS MORNING
  13. Clean out under den couch (probably enough toys to entertain a small child for a week)
  14. Organize meat pots and pans cabinet
  15. Re-organize basement now that we cleaned out my Dad's stuff-everything got shoeved around when we brought his entire apartment back here in Sepetember, and now that we cleaned it out and sorted everything, we went from 20 boxes to 4. So I need to straighten out everything.
  16. Straighten out entertainment unit. The decorative items aren't so decorative when they are messy and cluttered.

I'll check in as I'm progressing! Off to the pots and pans now, my dears. Let me tell you folks, it seems a heck of a lot less daunting now that I've assigned myself a bunch of small little tasks that can be done in under 20 minutes each, except for the kids' rooms which are scary.

Join me! Let's be all organize-y together!

I wonder how many people are doing the same thing after watching that show. I guess it was a good thing, then?