Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We have a WINNER! And some fun news

OK so my laziness is now over. I have returned to the bloggy land.

And we have a winner!!!

Aviva, ST's mom, you are the happy winner of my $10 gift card checky thing! I'll toss it in your mailbox tomorrow-enjoy it!!

Thank you to everyone who participated...hee hee it was fun.

I'll have to make some more real giveaways in the future. Anything you all want me to give away? I'm relatively crafty and I coupon. Those are my qualifications for giveaway stuff.

Soo....on to my exciting news.

Y'all know how I am running on Team Lifeline. As is Benjie.

Well so is someone else. And I'll give you some hints.

He's 12.

He has Familial Dysautonomia.

He's cute.

He retches often.

He's a lover of french fries and chicken won tons.

This blog is named after him.

Yes, Dovi is running the marathon!!!! No, no, he's not running. He can hardly walk!

Raphi, his counselor (and maybe anyone else who wants a turn-Joe? You in?) is pushing him as a wheelchair participant on Team Lifeline!!

We're so so so freaking excited. Dream. Come. True.

Things are falling into place to make the trip work for our family, and we're all going down for the weekend. It's going to be a blast, and Dovi's so excited to "run" on Team Lifeline!

Yes, I promise. Lots of pictures. Insane amounts.

Six weeks and counting!


lana said...

wooooohooooo!!!! we are super excited and cannot wait to cheer dovi on!!!!! who is staying with the trips while you guys run? we can't wait!!!

porushmom said...

Way to go Dovi! Is there a way we can sponsor him? The best way to teach is by example and you and Benjie do this every day. Abba and I are very proud of all of you!


Miriam said...

Woohooo! That is AWSOME!!!!
So excited! =)

Stephanie said...

That is awesome. Can't wait for BAT to see DESJ again - I'm assuming the terrific trio are coming too?

S said...

So nice!

Galiah said...

I was getting worried about you! -glad to see you back! Let me know if our Mega Stroller aka huge jogger will be joining you....
can't wait to see pix of Dovi "being run!"

Lisa said...

Mazel Tov, this is wonderful!! what an accomplishment!! (p.s. I will try to call you soon)