Monday, March 31, 2008

My That Made a Differece

Well at the advise of many many experienced, wise oxygen Moms, we switched Dovi to an infant canula (yes, he's 10. Go with it) He's soooooooooooooooooo much happier. Still "I'm hate it, Mommy" but tolerates it 100% better. DOesn't cry and fight, keeps it on. And waddaya know-he sats 97-99 overnight. YAY!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dovi's Night Life

So we're embarking on the loveliness of oxygen overnight. Dovi hates it. I mean abhors it. "I'm hate it Mommy. I'm hate it" It's honestly pathetic. However even more pathetic is satting 86-92 while asleep. So we persevere and torture our already tortured Dovi with more medical crap. Benjie and I were discussing Dovi's pathetic overnight situation:
1)Broken leg-can't walk
2)EBI Bone Stimulator on broken leg
3) Diapers with multiple changes overnight/at least 1 sheet change
4) g-tube feeding
5) pulse-ox
6) eye ointment, reapplied at least once
7) oxygen
It's getting ridiculous. The only thing we could add in would be BiPap, which would not shock me after his sleep study in May.
As D says, "Mommy, I need a break from ah-i-jen"

Monday, March 17, 2008

I never knew it could be so easy/they could be so nice

So I took Shana to the pediatrician today-yay! She has strep.

One Two Three Four
Who are we for?

Possibly the world's most perfect childhood ailment-easy to diagnose, easy to treat, and FAST to respond to treatment.

Well the office was really busy, so I decided rather than wait to have them call in the prescription, I'd take it in to the pharmacy. I've been having lots of issues with my local Osco. Out of meds, meds not ready, insurance incorrect, surly workers, etc. So I decided to try my local Target. I never knew getting meds could be a nice experience! I'm so used to the waiting and the mistakes at Osco I never knew it could be any different. We went to Target. I gave the scrip and our insurance card. They asked Shana what color ring she wanted on her bottle. We went and picked out some new hair clips as a "Mommy's sad your sick" prize. We went back to the pharmacy. It was ready! That was it. No fighting, no waiting.
Who knew?

Needless to say, I have called to get all Dovi's meds moved over.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


We're here till tomorrow.
He's looking good.

I had a first-my visit from the chaplain-never had one in 11 years! She was shocked how relaxed we were-dovi watching Aladdin for the 11th time, me lazing on a bed reading a book and drinking the lovely ice water they have here. It's all very chilled :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Good Times...Good Times

We've spent the day watching
1) The Camp Simcha Video 23 times
2) Blues Clues 23,000 times


But it's responding nicely to the antibioitics, and maybe, just maybe, we'll get out tomorrow.

BTW I reread my post from last night. Sorry if I scared anyone.
My realization for today:
If there is a stupid thing to get, Dovi will get it.

To recap from my previous post:

Friday afternoon as I was drying Dovi after his bath, I noticed a raised reddish welty type thing on his arm. Of course, it was 1 hour before Shabbos. I called my next door neighbor the podiatrist (figured he's a doctor so he'll have to do) who came and looked at it, said it could be cellulitis, could be a fracture with a fracture blister-he couldn't tell. We drew a circle around it and watched it over Shabbos.

Saturday night came and went and it was not better-actually a little worse. We ran over to the ER, amazingly got seen quickly (I should have know it was too good to be true!). They took films, they were negative, declared it cellulitic, gave us a scrip for Keflex and sent us on our merry way, amazed that we were on our way home at 9:15.

They told us if it got redder or streaky to call our ped. Katie B., I'm sure you're saying-Keflex? they gave you keflex for cellulitis with a history of MERCA? Why? Well you could ask our lovely ER Doc Dr. Brigham Temple (or Dr. Brigham Young as I keep accidentally calling him)the same freaking question when we saw him less than 24 hours later back in the same darned ER b/c waddaya know, it's red and streaky, angry and burny hot to the touch. Hence we are now enjoying a lovely respite in the Evanston Peds Ward (it's really sad when the nurses are excited to see you and staying late to say hi) as he gets IV antibioitcs.

Of course it took us 5 hours in the darned ER to get to the floor. I wanted to punch Dr. Freaking Brigham in the face when we waltzed in and was like-"oh it is much worse" Umm that's b/c you gave us the wrong meds!

Not that I'm irritated at all...but seriously folks, why does he have cellulitis? It's not like FD comes with an increased incidence of cellulitis. It's just yet another silly stupid thing for Dovi to get. But then again, we are due for another tibia x-ray and he has an appt with the cornea specialist tomorrow-so I'm hoping to be ultra effective and get the x-ray done tomorrow and maybe even convince them to get the cornea guy to visit us and get all the appts taken care of efficiently. oh and the kosher restaurants now deliver lovely tasty food via the Chicago Mitzvah Campaign. So I'll get a yummy lunch after getting the biggest coffee I can tomorrow am. Oh and I'll get to read as Dovi watches his beloved Camp Simcha Special video for the 89, 90, and 91 times. In the past 24 hours.

Oh and it's our 11th anniversary tomorrow and dovi has his Zimriya sing along at school tomorrow night-maybe this is G-d's way of sparing me that horror on my anniversary. :) Instead I'll eat cold Chinese food in Evanston Hospital with Benjie-as we spent our 1st anniversary on the eve of his g-tube surgery.

ta ta for now!

PS as I type this I realize I might be a tad slap-happy. but it makes for entertaining reading, so enjoy. Sorry if I offend anyone :)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Never a dull moment

Friday afternoon we noticed Dovi had a swollen red area on his upper left forearm. Looked kind of like his leg did when it broke-red, swollen, and angry. So we kept an eye on it over Shabbos and took him in to get it looked at tonight. Thank G-d it's "just" cellulitis and not broken. Antibioitics for a few days and it should be good as now. We'll see...not 100% sure I actually belive it's not broken.....