Monday, May 19, 2008

Our Exciting Weekend...

Never a dull moment, I swear!
On Shabbos afternoon I took Elisha, Shana, and Jakie to the park, leaving a tired D home with Benjie. I was very proud of myself-we spent almost 3 hours out, and I figured I'd come home to Dovi numming on the floor and Benjie asleep on the couch. Instead, Benjie met me outside with "We have a problem"
Never good words to hear when associated with Dovi.
It turned out that Dovi's arm (recall the MRSA incident) was red and puffy. Not insanely so, but definitely noticeably so.
Our next door neighbor who is a doctor looked at it and said "He has cellulitis. Take him to the ER after Shabbos"
To which I replied "I hate you Boruch."
Shabbos ended.
Benjie headed out with the boy ("here we go again", said Mr D over and over)
He called me from the ER. Yup, they were admitting him-the Peds Resident took 1 look at his arm and said "admitting". FUnny sidebar-some of you might know I do this Project DOCC thing from Children's Hospital-click for more info
. I've done 2 home visits where a group of residents come to your house and you scare the suckers with all you do for your chronically ill child. Well the resident was like "I know you!" Sure enough, she'd been to our house!
So either way, we spent a lovely 24 hours in Evanston while he got IV antibiotics, his arm responded beautifully, and they sent us home on oral meds (I need to go pick it up from my beloved Target at lunch) and he's just fine.
And the other resident who we saw on the floor insists to me that there is no connection between this arm incident and the MRSA in the EXACT SAME PLACE 2 months ago.
Yeah Right.
I don't believe her.

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