Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I have been told that I am a bad blogger. And in surveying my paltry (ok nonexistent) offerings for the past 5 weeks, it seems that I am. I'm just not sure I'm into this "Spill out my heart for the universe to read" blog thing. But I shall try to be better, especially with Dovi's life and craziness. SOOOOOOO:
1) Dovi is now walking with a walker. Correction: Dovi is running while carrying his walker in front of him. It's actually rather amusing to watch-the walker is so pointless, but it's to remind him to be careful. OK. We're on it-actually, it's usually me, running after him, yelling: "Dovi, slow down! Put down your walker!" Stop by our house Shabbos afternoon and witness it for yourself in our front yard, aka the baseball field.
2) We are on Walker #2-the lovely children, Dovi included, for some reason, are obsessed with climbing on the walker. They sit on it. They hang from it. I am constantly removing recalcitrant children from the walker. I seriously cannot figure out the allure, but they just cannot stop themselves. They managed to break a screw out of Walker #1 in a manner that the Home Health Rep had never seen before. Talented, my children are :)
3) Today (in 1 hour 15 minutes to be exact) is Dovi's Hearing with Medicaid/State of IL for our appeal as to Dovi's medical status-that yes, he is both technology dependent and medically fragile, and thus, YES, he qualifies for the State of Illinois Home and Community Based Waiver Program for Technology Dependent Medically Fragile Children. We are taking an attorney with us ( he defends rapists, murderers, and the P famliy-nice!) He's also our neighbor and an all around great guy. Hopefully it will go smoothly and the dummies in Springfield will LEAVE US ALONE!

So that's where we are holding. I promise to update after the hearing.

Now if anyone is actually reading this, I hope you enjoyed.

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Stephanie said...

No need to spill out your guts - I'm not a fan of that either - but keeping us updated with the facts is important - why? You say it in your header - SO YOU DON'T NEED TO REPEAT IT 8 MILLION TIMES.

Thanks for playing.