Friday, September 19, 2008

A bunch of random stuff

  1. Do y'all like my new template? I felt like a change.
  2. Who are you, "A licensed contractor who knows you" who commented on yesterday's post? Identify yourself! Yehuda, is it you? Elan? Do you read my blog? I can't figure it out...
  3. At Dovi's doctor appointment yesterday, his blood pressure was 139/97 and then 142/97. The nurse was a bit concerned. I just giggled. As most FD parents can relate to. Although I am thinking that we might need to start checking it every day around mid afternoon to see what's up and if it's an ongoing issue or just extreme agitation over the Cubs, at that point, blowing their lead in the 5th inning yesterday. Dovi was not pleased when we got to Childrens (15 minutes late thanks to the traffic) and I had to turn off the radio right after that error by DeRosa (hey, I listen!)...
  4. Said doctor's appointment was. the. most. pointless. appointment. ever. Honestly. It was a follow up from his BiPap titration. Conversation with resident:
    "Mrs. P, is Joseph tolerating his BiPap? "Yes, he is." Good. Repeat to doctor after waiting 45 minutes to see him. They listened to him breath. That was all. Then we had to chat for a good 10 minutes about his kids-they live in Seattle, Denver, and Pittsburgh, he has 1 grandchild in Seattle and 2 in Denver, and he is going to Denver for Rosh HaShanah. His daughter in Pittsburgh is the assistant Hillel director at Carnegie-Mellon. She moved from Cincinnati where she was the assistant Hillel director at some college there, and her boss from that Hillel went with her to Carnegie-Mellon. I know a lot about the family. Oh and they call him ZZ for Zaydie. And his wife is Meemaw. We discussed how my mom is Savta and her husband is Zayde and how my in-laws are Bubbe and Saba, and how funny it is that the names are mixed. In other words a whole lotta chatting and not a lot of doctoring.
  5. My house is now reasonably clean. I'd like to share my biggest housekeeping tip of all time for those of you who have Shabbos dinner: Set the table and set up the candles on Thursday night Even if your house is a complete sty, when you walk downstairs on Friday morning, you'll be like: "ooh I rock, I'm the most organized and on top of it homemaker EVER!"
  6. We got rid of the repulsive carpeting last night. So now the basement smells slightly less repulsive. Sunday is the great big "get rid of the crap in the basement" day and I'm hopeful that it will help my blood pressure go down a bit.
  7. The contractor wants $12,000 to put up new drywall/ceiling/floor in my basement. Yikes. I have another contractor calling me back in a bit, and Becca promises me that he's crazy cheap. We'll see. Otherwise....not so sure what's going to happen. Short of an excellent scratch off lottery ticket, the basement will probably have to remain unfinished for a while :(

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