Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Way to My Heart

Is through

New PJ's

I'm wearing them now. I am happy. Very very happy. Benjie says they are sassy (my current favorite word. It's generally used in conjunction with my sassy daughter. She epitomizes SASS. In a good way). He's also entertained by the pen on my lip from when I stuck the pen in my mouth backwards. Whateva.

I went to Target to buy another Crock Pot for dairy-I've gotten inspired by this blogger and needed a dairy Crock Pot. My sister told me that Crock Pots were on sale for $16.99 at my undoing Target so I went to buy it. $75 later I am the proud owner of my owl jammies, a new clock for the den to go on top of the famous entertainment center adjacent to the typwriter (Benjie was irked on Shabbos when the doors were closed and he didn't know what time it was), and some other assorted crap. I swear I should only be allowed in that store once a month.

I also want to mention that I only do this insane stuff (ie make lasagna in my Crock Pot) to get a rise out of my sister in law Rochie. It's very entertaining.

Now onto my lovely Dovi guilt-a-thon of the weekend.

Shabbos afternoon, Dovi was outside with Benjie. I was inside reading watching ESJ. Dovi and Benjie were talking to a friend of ours who owns a dog (you all know where this is going...)
Dovi comes running inside:

"Mommy, I wish"

Me (clearly clueless): "Dovi, what do you wish for?"

Dovi: "I wish for a dog"

Me: "oh crap"

Dovi: "Pease Mommy? It make me so happy"

Seriously. How do I turn him down? He WISHES for a dog! Dovi wishes for nothing. He never. ever. ever. asks. for. anything. (except for Cubs tickets-but then again, the demise of the Cubs is near-I told you all so!!).

So what the heck am I going to do?

Freaking shnoodles cost like $500! Yes, we looked.

His birthday is coming up...


Stephanie said...

um, you don't have to buy a $500 dog. they do make ones for free. at the pound.

The Mom said...

Would he settle for a Build-a-Bear/Dog?

Good luck mom, and I love those pj's!

Savta/Imma said...

Yipes!! A dog!! As in a Thor???

Does it have to be a schnoodle? There are so many much cuddlier types. I can just see the dog sleeping on Dovi's bed like Thor used to sleep on David's!! How cute would that be!!!!

DESJ and Company said...

But Stephie, I like schnoodles. They are cute.

Amy said...

Get the boy a dog!!!! Go get a cute mix breed at the humane society. Or pay the $$ for a schnoodle or some a cockapoodle or a some other -oodle thing. :)