Friday, September 5, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I hereby declare it fall:

Aren't they lovely? They'll replace my dead summer plantings in the urns by my stairs. The white one isn't for me-it's for my lovely hosts for Shabbos lunch. Of course I only purchase brownish gold ones. I'm so freaking predictable.

On to my den...check it out! I shimmied underneath that sucker and got all the cable set up. Which met with much jumping up and down, hand clapping, and cheering by Dovi-he watched the whole thing-he was VERY unhappy when he got home from school and found the TV on the kitchen table.

He also "helped" me by dumping all the Wii stuff on top of me while I was lying on the floor halfway under the entertainment center hooking it all up.

I also have an antique typewriter that will make its way on to the top I think.

Now to finish my den redecoration:


I know you read my blog. Finish swapping Jakie's head already, darn it! The kids are in school. No excuses.

On Wednesday at PT Dovi got his AFO's back. Hopefully this time they won't cause a huge sore on the back of his little dysautonomic ankle. He's VERY happy to be able to wear his bright yellow Crocs again. If only he had a Chai Lifeline/Camp Simcha Special Jibbitz...any Chai Lifeline-connected people who are reading this-can you help me? He didn't come home with one and they are SO COOL!

I think Chai Lifeline should sell them for a fundraiser. I'm not joking.


The Mom said...

Hi Sara, thanks for stopping by my blog, i hope i answered your question in my comments, check it out!

I just read Dovi's story, wow! That is a lot to deal with poor little guy, you sure are busy. I look forward to reading more, keep in touch!

Raphi said...

Hopefully you will have the jibbit soon :-)

Amy said...

You crack me up- I can't believe you publicly shamed me! Now I owe you another one in return... :D

The entertainment center looks GREAT!!!

Can't wait to see my fabulous photos on your wall! They should be there soon!