Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dovi's AFOs

Seem to be rather problematic.

Yet again, he has a sore on his left ankle.

Yet again, he is not wearing he AFOs and back into his normal sneakers. It's a good thing I kept them-in a fit of "organization" I almost tossed them in the trash.


So since Dovi doesn't feel pain, he's able to rub a rather large blister type thingy on the back of his heel from his AFO. I seriously have no idea how it happened-not only were the AFOs made specifically for him, but we added extra padding the first time this happened to fix the problem.

In all probability, we will either have to mail the AFOs back to Cascade to fix them or recast him all over again.


On to my marathon "preparations"

Notice my liberal use of italics and quotation marks.

BTW you might be like "what's up with Sara raising her arms in "victory" in every picture? She looks like crap. Tired crap. She's not victorious"

Moshe Turk told me the first time I ran on Team Lifeline to "look strong and happy" for every photographer. Finish with my arms held high. Well LOOK AT ME! I'm neither strong nor happy. My arms are held high but that's about it.

I'll be honest. I don't particularly enjoy running. I'm not good at it. Unlike my brother Aaron and Rachel Kamionski who both run freaking marathons (GO RACHEL! I'll come cheer for you at the LaSalle. I'm so proud of you!). I crawl my tired behind to the finish line. Running is not my forte. Although in all honesty I have yet to find a form of exercise that is my forte, unless you include wall painting or extreme errands (you'll have to comment, slacker commenters, for a definition of that) . I think that in January I will just finish without the pathetic "arms in the air" stance.

I really need inspiration here, folks. I ran a mile on Sunday outside and a mile last night on my treadmill. I'm freaking out of shape.

I need to get my big tuches in gear-the marathon is in-what-three months? I was hyperventilating after the mile!

So I think that in order to inspire myself, I will:

(a) send out my fundraising letter-like every nice Jewish girl, guilt does me in every time-imagine all those people who've donated and are supporting me-how can I let them down?

(b) Print out the training schedule from the Team Lifeline website and post it on my bulletin board so it guilts me every time I walk into the kitchen for snacks for healthy, muscle building fruits and veggies.

OK I'm on it.

So someone, anyone, please donate to the marathon? You'll make me feel guilty enough to get moving.

See-it's always about the guilt.


mberko said...

Let the guilt-fest begin ... I just became your first supporter for this year! I admire the heck out of you Sara.


DESJ and Company said...

woohoo Michelle!

Thanks you're the best...

Savta/Imma said...

And here come supporters two and three -- Mommy and Hershel. You know the amount! It's committed!

By the way, stop being so darn hard on yourself. Enough of that!!!!

Anonymous said...

You inspire all of us. One of the reasons I push myself to walk/jog in the morning is to be able to one year do the marathon with you!