Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You know you look like crap

When you walk into your sister in law's house and she bursts out laughing. Then she gently takes you by the arm and leads you up to her makeup palace bathroom.

Just because my bandanna was on almost sideways, I was not wearing a stitch of makeup, and the same pair of Fit Flops I have worn for the past 3 months does not mean I looked crappy. OK it did.

It was all very exciting playing with the makeup. I learned how to use gel eyeliner. Who knew? It's so easy! I haven't progressed past eyeliner pencil ala 8th grade. I am not a makeup gal. About a year and a half ago a dear friend dragged me to Nordy's to the Bobbi Brown counter, horrified that I had not bought a blush since before I got married. The horror! Well in all honesty, it was rather disgusting. So now I have a nice stash of Bobbi Brown. Or so I thought. I obviously need more makeup. There are so many fun things! Gel Eyeliner. A zillion colors of Mac eyeshadow-obviously my four pots are insufficient. Fun lipglosses! I've never set foot in Sephora. I might. I just might. But my biggest problem post makeup purchase is actually putting it on. I'm lazy. I drag myself out of bed at 6:23 (yes 6:23) to get Dovi onto the bus which is supposed to come at 7:00 but usually pulls up at 6:52. Every moment in our house is accounted for in the wee hours of the morning. But I will say that I do feel like a million bucks with some makeup on this morning.

Which brings me to my Dovi-related part of this post. He finishes school at 1pm today. I am NOT happy. Now Keshet ends every Wednesday at 2:30 for "staff development". I really don't like it but what am I to do? I mean, some of us do work. This means that I must leave work every Wednesday at 2:30 myself to beat the bus home (brings to mind the one time I was zooming down the street and saw the bus ahead of me. I merely averted my eyes, and floored the Sienna. Ha. Beat those suckers by a whole 3 minutes.

Back to the 1pm dismissal. Honestly, I think it's unfair. Five times this year they will dismiss at 1pm on the already early Wednesday for ADVANCED staff development. Now that just ticks me off. Other schools manage to do staff development without taking away additional instructional time from the kids. And also-did they HAVE to do it the week before the High Holidays begin? That means that not only am I missing Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week, Wednesday and Thursday of the following week, half of Monday, all of Tuesday and Wednesday of the next week, and the same the next week, but I must leave work an hour and a half early three days before that. Now that's just not fair. Why couldn't they have waited a few weeks (or even one month?)to schedule the first 1pm dismissal?

Not fair.


Mom said...

Dovi can hang with me on some of these early Wednesdays. Just let me know what time to meet the bus, or better yet, see if the bus will drop him off at KINS.

Shosh said...

okay, i buy my makeup at Target about once every 2 years. and what the heck is gel eyeliner?