Friday, September 12, 2008

Contents Of My Purse

Just disgorged onto my desk:

Kashi Bar
3 Lip Glosses
2 Purells
Tide to Go Pen
Camera Cord
5 Pens
4 Plastic Spoons
Wax for Dovi's Braces
2 Batteries
1 Book of Stamps
2 Tickets for last weeks ACHDS Family Brunch (I guess I could've let the kids get that 8 hundredth sno cone they were begging for)
One of the Olympic Medals they made there which I shall throw away save forever and ever, because all my kids crafts are special to me. As are the 4 million worksheets they bring home every day from school which I lovingly save. Snort.
400 million debit card receipts to enter into MS Money
A few assorted expired coupons
Dovi's glasses that need to get fixed
Leftover Meds from Camp
Assorted Cash that is NOT in my wallet (unfortunately only singles...wait... ooh ooh I found a ten!)
3 weeks of shopping lists/menus
A label from the oxygen adapter from Dovi's BiPap that I need to order more of
The receipt from the oxygen ordered for Dovi's trip to camp
The letter from Blue Cross kicking D out of the Medical Management Program. Must address.

Methinks I need a smaller purse.


Shosh said...

I love cluttered purses. If you ever get stranded, you'll be prepared!

Stephanie said...

Clearly, you need more hobbies.

Miriam said...

I also carry around plastic spoons in my purse, and the funny thing is that it actually came in handy once for something besides eating. We were at Skokie Library, and they used to have a train table there, and you could check out trains with your library card to use while you are in the libary. Of course my kid gets the train stuck in the smallest little nook that even his hand could't fit it- I went digging in my Mary Poppins bag, and the spoon saved the day- I was able to get my library card back because we got the train out!

Rachelz said...

Hi Sara- I really do love your blog.
I found a spolied, squished, and rotten piece of green pepper on the bottom of my purse. Do I win the award? :)

rickismom said...

Miriam, Not Maqry Poppins! (Chas v'chalilah!) Safta Simcha also has a BIG bag (filled with better, stuff, too)

I can relate to the shopping list. I always try and do my errands (in an organized way).

for fun example) Shopping trips come complete with list, and whenever I clean my purse I find them in masse, scrunched up on the bottom.
My purse has (amoungst other stuff)
1.Extra dose of Concerta in case I am with Ricki in the morning and realize that I forgot to give her the medication (I'll remember as she purposefully kicks me)
2.spray to clean Ricki's glasses (because when traveling they get dirty, and if dirty she won't wear them
3. Tissue and comb
4.Small family album

DESJ and Company said...

OK the squished pepper wins hands down...
To pat myself on the back just a tad, my 3 weeks of shopping lists are actually 3 printouts of the shopping list I made myself on Excel :)