Monday, September 15, 2008

A Bonus Post, The Slumbering Giant, and a Comparison

How cute is he? Benjie and I were cracking up-everyone was running around the house, being nuts, and D was sleeping in the center of the den with a neatly placed pillow under his head while eating his breakfast. He's very efficient.

So I'm helping my sister in law Rochie deal with an insurance issue she's having. She gave me the stack of EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) that she has for her entire family of six for the entire year. That's the stack on the left. The stack on the right? That's Dovi's stack of EOBs for the year to date. And there are a bunch in my "to file pile" which have not even gotten into the file cabinet yet. Yikes!

On another note, during the monsoon rainstorm we got over the weekend, we got water in our basement. Some, not a ton. Enough to make the carpet squishy and the paneling wet. Bummer. But here's the good news: after the last deluge we got a year or so ago, I called and added flood insurance...they're "pushing" us up on the list due to Dovi's medical issues and will come check it out on Thursday. I'm hoping for the carpet and paneling to need to go and thus get new flooring and drywall, and then I'll spring for the new ceiling-unless they decide that the ceiling tiles that are falling MUST be from the water...hahahahahahahaha

Think they can get it done by the time my mom comes in October?

Here's the big question though:

They're not coming until Thursday. Meanwhile I have wet mildewing carpet in the basement. Do Benjie and I pull it up tonight and wash all the crap I mean stuff that's down there? Or do we leave it in all its mildewy glory until Thursday hoping to get the maximum benefit?



Shosh said...

LEAVE IT! The more mold, the better. You never know what kind of craziness they might pull on you if you remove the evidence. Although it might then offer you a great opportunity for Magnum Opus part 2 - Flood Insurance.

DESJ and Company said...

I was kind of thinking the same thing, although the repair people said just take pictures and save a piece. I think I want it to get as ruined as possible, and have as much water seep into the paneling as I can :)

Estie said...

LEAVE IT! Thus the smell, mold & mildew will all continue to develop and force them to cover it-they can't deny the stench!

Miriam said...

Definitly leave the mess! You never know they maycover all sorts of good things?! p.s. Love the slumbering giant =)

rickismom said...

How do you write with a line through the word?

DESJ and Company said...

it is snazzy huh? I can thank shosh for it.

You want to type (without the spaces in the <'s-it's erroring for me otherwise here)

< del > whatever you want to type
< / del >