Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back in the Saddle

AKA Back to school/Back to Therapy.

So this summer we decided to Give the D-Man a little break from Speech Therapy. Not that we don't ADORE Gail, Dovi's SLP. But, frankly, I he was a little worn out from the shlepping around. On that vein, we also decided to take a break from private OT, because Dovi was refusing to do anything. At all.

The little stinker just needed a break.

So we wanted to do NO private therapy this summer except PT because his legs are collapsing, but Gail convinced us to do speech once a week because otherwise he'd surely regress. And because I trust Gail implicitly, I listened to her. We did speech once a week. Jeff the Driver from Chicago Mitzvah Campaign would pick him up after I'd drop him off and run him to the J for camp. All in all a fairly painless procedure.

Now we're back to the real world of Dovi therapy. Twice a week Gail and as I type I'm on hold with the Clinic figuring out his fall OT schedule. Which I just hung up from chatting with his OT . Which is non-existent because there is another child in his spot. For the next month. Lovely.

But I digress. The real marathon is the mornings with Gail. Jeff the Driver will do Thursday mornings and take him up to Keshet, just leaving me and Benjie to deal with Tuesday mornings. Luckily the Edens torture construction is over so at least the drive back downtown from dropping him in Northbrook is doable.

My great hope is for me and Benjie to alternate weeks so as to distribute the burden. Unless one of you lovely readers has a BURNING desire to pick Dovi up once in a while in Winnetka Tuesday mornings at 9:20 and drive him up to Northbrook to Keshet.

C'mon, aren't you all dying to?

And I really must mention one more time how freaking cute Shana is in her uniform. She's still at the point where a uniform is AWESOME MOMMY! She literally gets dressed at 6:30 in the morning so as to put on the beloved plaid skirt.

And we still don't have homework yet so I'm surviving.


mberko said...

If we ever move to Chicago (not entirely implausible) we'll carpool with you to Gail's. Eli is doing great with PROMPT. He talks non-stop now but we have no idea what he's saying most of the time.


DESJ and Company said...

ooh you might be moving here?
get on gail's wait list now :)