Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A collection of random musings


Last night at dinner (which shall be discussed in a moment) Jacob asked me the following question-although I'm not 100% sure it qualifies as such:

"Mommy, do miners ever find skunks under ground?"

Huh? In all honesty, my kids are way into skunks now-we've been having some "skunks in the daytime" viewings in our neighborhood. I thought that daytime skunks = rabid skunks. Am I making that up? Should I be very afraid?


On the way to work today there was bad traffic-what else is new? Well about 3 cars ahead of me at a light, I noticed a man get out of his car and go over to the car in front of him. Cynical me assumed he had some beef with the driver-maybe he cut him off. Instead, I saw him (driver 1) pick up the package the driver (driver 2) had left on his trunk, knock on the guy's (driver 2) window, give him his package, and run back to his car. Gave me hope for the future of civilization.


Last night, I paid a shiva call to my first cousin once removed-my dad's first cousin passed away on Friday. Went to the funeral in the morning, went to work for a few hours, fed the kids the overcooked dried out failure dinner, ran to school for Parent Orientation, and went with Benjie to pay the shiva call. While in the house, I looked over and my heart skipped a beat. It was pictures of my grandma's parents, and my grandma from when she was a child. I had not seen those pictures since we closed up my grandma's house after she passed away six years ago. They made my heart happy-in a few days/weeks I need to call them to ask for copies. It also made me wonder-what happened to all the photo albums from Grandma Rose's house? And for that matter-WHERE IS HER MAH JONG SET?


Dinner last night was. a. large. failure. I made this in the crock pot. It got overdone. and dried out. the children rebelled and ate rice for dinner. Except for Dovi who informed me it was delicious. Sometimes diminished taste buds come in handy. Thanks, D. I knew I could count on you.

It really bummed me out because she gave it such amazing reviews. I'm reserving judgment until I figure out a way to turn my crock pot off when I'm not there. Which might be problematic.


Dovi IS getting his Chai Lifeline/Camp Simcha jibbitz. Some of my faithful readers (hey Raphi! hey Dovid/Duvi! I think that was your name-as you could hear, my house was a little ...ummm ...psycho when you called.)

I'm getting two of them , and considering putting one on eBay to raise money for Chai Lifeline. Wouldn't that be fun?


My wise husband evidentially reads my blog daily and came home last night with another pair of new jammies for me. You are a wise man, Benj. Love ya!


Somehow in the laundry a skirt that I have owned for 2 years turned from black to brown. It's the most bizarre thing ever. It's not streaky to make me think that I somehow bleached it. It's a lovely uniform brown. So I wore it today.


Somehow the carpool conversation this morning centered around building materials-as in "what are roofs made out of?" and "the inside of houses is made out of drywall. What is drywall Mommy?

My kids are so weird.

Have a lovely day!


Nahum and Rebecca said...

Yet another amusing entry. you're a good man, Benjie. And those kiddies crack me up!

Nahum and Rebecca said...

Oh yeah - you now need to post a picture of the newest jammies.

Anonymous said...

Use a timer/Shabbos clock to turn your crock pot on or off.

Ah Benjie, grasshopper, you have learned my lessons well.

Shosh said...

Yeah, what mom said. Those shabbos timers work great.

And I want to see a picture of the Camp simcha jibbitz!