Thursday, September 4, 2008

Of Course

So I found a lovely solid wood entertainment center on CraigsList (possibly one of my favorite websites EVER). For $50. I kid you not.
Nice, no?

So....went to pick it up last night. After we tried to get it two nights ago and the guy somehow FORGOT in the 45 minutes after we spoke to him that...ummmm....he wasn't going to be home. How does that work?

Either way, since I am scared of people on CraigsList and won't go alone, my father in law came with me.

It's lovely. I bought it. It's still there. Well 1/3 of it is. See the side shelves? Lovely. Laying on their backs in my den right now. Middle section? In his apartment.

It must weigh 400 pounds. No joke. He lives on a third. floor. walkup. with. a. winding. staircase. I thought my father in law was going to G-d forbid have a heart attack when they were attempting to carry it down the third. floor. walkup. with. a. winding. staircase.

So this insanely trusting man GAVE ME HIS KEYS to his now empty (except for my armoire) apartment and told me to hire a mover and then lock the keys in the apartment when we were done.

Oh and there's a big pile of crap in the hall. Take anything you want. I shall take the old antique typewriter and put it somewhere. It's kewl.

So I'm paying a highly overpriced but I'm afraid to hire some random guys with a truck because did I mention it's a third. floor. walkup. with. a. winding. staircase mover $275 to come and move the sucker this afternoon. Let's not also count the time I'll be missing work.

Of course.

Somehow this has turned into a $325 endeavor.


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Shosh said...

good thing you saved money on school supplies this year.

maybe elisha could hire some kids at school?