Sunday, September 28, 2008

Camp Simcha Special Strikes Again!

So yet again, we got one of those random phone calls:

"Hi, I was a counselor at CSS. I'm going to be in town this weekend. Can I come see Dovi?"

We agreed that he'd call on Sunday-but I didn't tell Dovi in case it didn't work out. Sure enough, around 3ish (exactly when we'd agreed), Joe gave me a call.

He came for about 2 hours. He brought


It turns out that he was (a) one of the video guys and (b) Dovi's buddy Ezra's rotator.

Hence he had the video mucho early (being as he MADE IT). He told us that he and the other video guy literally slept in the editing room because they had to have the video edited and ready by the last night of camp. So they took turns sleeping for two hours at a time on the cot in the video room. For the entire camp session. Yikes.

Anyway, he was just lovely. Dovi was thrilled beyond belief. As were Elisha, Shana, and Jakie. For some reason Elisha was completely enamoured with Joe and was literally all over him the entire time he was here.

It turns out that Joe goes to school in Madison which is only about 3 hours from Chicago so once the basement is finished in some way (which will be a surprise to all of you...) hopefully he'll come for Shabbos.

So after Joe left, to cap off Dovi's happiness, another counselor called to say hi. So all in all I can say today that Camp Simcha Special counselors ROCK!!!

Now, on to the basement. It is currently EMPTY. There is nothing in there except the treadmill covered in plastic, the fridge, freezer, washer, and drier. Nothing else. All remaining crap stuff has been relocated to either the side porch (which is currently impassible), the den, or the kitchen. There is currently a large shelving unit in the kitchen with all the basement pantry stuff. It's giving me palpitations but I don't think I have any options now. Yikes.

If you all ask nicely (like you REALLY care) I'll take pictures of the

Great Crap Relocation of 2008

that's what Benjie called it. It truly was epic.


Shosh said...

that is sooooo sweet. and pretty please let us see some picturs

elana said...

that is so nice! great picture of dovi!

rickismom said...

Well, a few days ago Ricki got her video from Ezer MiTzion, and LOVES it!