Thursday, September 18, 2008


This is a complainy post. Am I:

(a) Irritated
(b) Annoyed
(c) Irked
(d) All of the above

The correct answer is (d), all of the above. My list of complaints:

  1. My homeowners insurance is not going to cover the basement situation. Being as I am too honest to lie and say that the water came up my drain when I KNOW it came in my walls, and went down the drain, I have no insurance coverage. So Benjie and I yanked up the disgusting, sopping wet, moldy carpet last night. The contractor came this morning to survey the carnage. It will be $300 to yank out all the gross paneling plus another $250 to haul it away-we can't just dump it in the back because then the city will require us to get a permit. He's calling me back today with a quote for putting up drywall, but I fear it will not be in our budget now. Maybe in a few months.
  2. I need to spend the entire weekend cleaning out the black hole of crap basement in preparation for said demo. Anyone in the Chicagoland area who would like some baby/toddler toys, let me know. There are like 6 Rubbermaid boxes FULL. At what point do I throw away old bank records? I have records back to 1996 down there. Also the bows from my bridal showers made into bow-quets-must I keep that? How about an old computer from 1999? How do I make it that no one can take it and hijack my personal data?
  3. Dovi stopped OT over the summer-you might recall a previous post where I said that he was taking a break for a few months and his OT was taking on a short term patient, and when they finished up, Dovi would start again. I even spoke to her a few weeks back and she told me she should be finishing up with that patient in October and we'd start sometime either end of October or November. But in typical Dovi "if it can be complicated it will be" fashion, this lovely OT took a personal leave of absence (really unsure what that all means) and didn't tell her supervisor of the plan she'd made with me. So Dovi has lost his Wednesday at 3pm OT slot. The slot he's had since he was four months old. That's over ten years, folks. I'm SO mad at them. Since we have new insurance I'm going to look into other OT places. I'm so irritated at them.
  4. Elisha, while climbing around in the car this morning getting his baseball glove, must have climbed onto my sunglasses. They are mangled. I am not happy.
  5. My house is disastrous
  6. I have many cavities which require filling, luckily I found a dentist that will drug me up on nitrous oxide next week when he fills them
  7. I got a notice from my mortgage company that our personal information "may have been" compromised by a former employee, but don't worry, they are offering us two years of credit monitoring for free. Thanks.
  8. EDITED to add #8 That Dovi has a doctor appointment at Childrens today at 3pm. I work 5 minutes from Childrens yet I need to drive 40 minutes to get him and then 40 minutes back to the very neighborhood I just left for his appointment. Smashing.
Thank you for reading this. I feel better now.


Anonymous said...

You only need to save records for 7years and then only things that are tax related (tzedakah, insurance, etc.) Shread the rest.
You should call someone (maybe Yossi Steinberg or any computer geek) to erase your memory card then just throw the computer away.
If you have children who have participated in other people's weddings it is time to throw the bows away!
How about donating the toys. Maybe your Shul play groups can use some. Also, playgroups, babysitters and schools may take them.
Vent to us anytime.

Nahum and Rebecca said...

So I asked my knowledgeable coworker and she said you need to open up the CPU and destroy the motherboard with a sharp object such as a knife or scissors. That might make you feel a little better, to destroy something.

Nahum and Rebecca said...

Oh and maybe some retail therapy?

Anonymous said...

A permit for dumping the carpet? I call BS on that one. Nobody gets a license for a carpeting job, even when they throw out the old carpet. What about letting the guy demo the carpet, and then offering to accept the risk of dumping it by your garbage?

A licensed contractor who knows you.

DESJ and Company said...

you need a permit to build out your basement-and if the garbage men see the demolished paneling in the garbage, they could (and knowing my luck, would) call the city to be sure that I have a permit.

Heidi said...

Hi Sara! Is that the same OT appointment that I used to take him to???

In your baby stuff you are getting rid of, do you happen to have a crank swing? My newest baby loves the swing, even though his brothers both hated it. But, shabbos is no fun for him without it.

Anyway, I love your blog! (just started reading recently, not a lurker!)

DESJ and Company said...

As a matter of fact, Heidi, yes it is! he was literally 2 years old then...

I have a battery swing, not a crank one :(

Anything else you need? It's seriously INSANE down there. If you want to come go shopping, please call me! Otherwise it's all going to the G'mach on Sunday.