Monday, September 22, 2008

I can't believe I'm doing this but....Not Me Monday

I'm kind of suffering from Blogger's Block today, so I'm jumping in to the Not Me Monday party started by MckMama over at My Charming Kids

So here we go...

My list (which might be added to throughout the day as I remember more transgressions events):

I certainly did not use a dirty cup out of the dishwasher to give Elisha milk because it didn't smell bad and I was too freaking lazy to walk over to the sink to wash it

I did NOT wipe Dovi's snotty drool with my hand and wipe it on my skirt wipe it on his shirt

I would never have worn 2 inch heels to walk over a mile on Saturday thus giving me four blisters on each foot. Yes, four. One on each of my three little toes on each foot and one under my each of my big toes

I did not just fax over the contract to get the waterproofing done (OK yes I did, this isn't so exciting, just wanted to let y'all know that we're so far committing to minimally waterproofing the basement. We shall see about the rehab-the quote was great but we're still poor. Very poor. Dovi makes me miss much work. And I get paid hourly.)

I did not make a dinner in the crock pot that I am like 99% positive none of the ungratefuls will actually be willing to ingest. Why do I waste my time?

I have most certainly taken a shower since Saturday night. Unlike Benjie, I am not a shower lover. I like being slightly dirty.

I would have NEVER asked the contractor who came to give me a quote on Friday for the basement if he had a drill in his truck with a masonry bit so as to drill the holes in my hearth to hang the beautiful lovely photos of my family. That would have been rude.

I did not re-stain my mantle in my den at 10pm on Saturday night. Using a napkin because I didn't have a staining pad and I have no self control and needed the mantle to be a darker color. right. that. moment.

Have not spent my entire morning at "work" reading my email and perusing blogs

When we were at the park yesterday and Shana's two loose front teeth got knocked and ended up sort kinda wedged behind her two adjacent teeth, I did NOT consider yanking them forward myself with my fingers...not worries...she did it herself with her tongue. It was bizarre.

OK that's it. Hope you enjoyed :)


DIYGuy7 said...

lol. I love it. I've done that a million times "while you're here with that tool...etc."

Amazing picture of your children, they look fantastic.

In my opinion minimally waterproofing the basement is always a good first step:0)

porushmom said...

I got help and now I'm not anonymous anymore!

rickismom said...

Of course I didn't turn off the computer as hubby came up the steps, so he wouldn't catch on that I had been "working" on the computer all AM....

Stephanie said...

Yay Porushmom! :)


Stephanie said...

Oh, and Sara - I am totally not surprised about you and the masonry bit thing. The shower thing - a little grossed out, have to say.