Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Hi everyone...

It was certainly not me! who during a bout with the most wicked stomach bug I've ever had was thinking about how much weight I must have lost...

And who has NOT been checking out her decidedly flatter tummy in the mirror every time I walk by one...

I would never be laying on the couch on Sunday morning writing these Not Me!s while my 11 year old happily watches the Doodlebops. I only allow Dovi to watch age appropriate material.

Which the Doodlebops most certainly are NOT.

I did not just look at my hubby and say "Who are you and where did you take my husband?" when he informed me that he is taking Elisha and Jakie to the birthday party, and taking Shana with him so they can go out for some Abba-Shana chocolate milk/coffee, and btw, the dark load is in the washer and the rest of the weekend's laundry is sorted on the laundry room floor.

I am definitely NOT wondering what really bad thing he did that he is buttering me up for...(although in all honesty, I know that Benjie really is an awesome guy who is just trying to be nice to me since I get sick about once every two years)

While suffering from my stomach bug this weekend, I did not still manage to read three books, and am well through my 4th.

I am not about to cry from the ear splitting awful racket Doodlebops. Yikes.

It is NOT ME! who has a love/hate relationship with stuff.

I do not sometimes have the desire to throw away all the crap in my house and live a clutter free austere existence.

I am not continually cleaning up and throwing away.

I do not understand why it's never enough.

It was not me! who just got an email from Benjie entitled "Roofie at Starbucks" and thought it was some spam email about date rape drugs in Starbucks drinks, only to open it and realize it was a picture of our very adorable daughter who we often call Roofie who is at Starbucks with my darling husband now (note to self: maybe Roofie isn't the best nickname?)

It is not me who is looking at another Sunday spent in pajamas lounge clothes and feels pretty darn glad about that.

It was NOT ME! who whenever Dovi fell over (two times today-once down half the stairs and once across the den. He's talented that way) ran and examined all his extremities for breaks. He seems to be fine.

I most certainly DID NOT blow dry Shana's hair in preparation for school picture day. What kind of vain woman blows dry her 6 year old's hair???

I would NEVER have forgotten to buy my kids snow pants and new boots, thus necessitating them wearing last years too small boots and NO snowpants on today, the first snowfall, and also school picture day.

I am NOT hoping that the teachers DO NOT take the children outside to play.

I am NOT expecting a note home asking me to please dress my children appropriately (this is the midwest, after all, and they play outside all year round)

And that's all. Have a great week my dears!


Orah said...

UMMMMMMM I also certainly did not blow dry So's hair for picture day and then contemplate straight ironing it as well. I did not remember it was picture day when I was reminded today is DEC 1 by my dinner co-chairman, at which time I realized I do not have a WHOLE OTHER WEEK to prepare for this dinner. Does Benjie wanna do my laundry?

Mom said...

I did not get to work and realize I left my lunch at home and even though I was running late, run home to get it and while there shovel the front walk!

Haley Nicodemus said...

Glo Limited in Fayetteville, AR

Haley Nicodemus said...

Well, if you ever find yourself in Arkansas, you should stop in! Thanks for the compliment though. It's a spa boutique - kind of like a miniature sephora with a spa side. I'm their Aesthetician.

Keyona said...

I just got over a stomach thing too and swear I lost weight...exercising sure wasn't working! :o)