Friday, December 19, 2008

Keepin' It Real

So here in Chicago, we have, what? 8 inches of snow? My friend Keren says no more than 3, but I say she's delusional.

So there was no school today.


OK I feel better now.

OMG they are soooooo annoying. Can I say that about the fruit of my loins? I seriously think that they. are. the. most. annoying. children. in. the. entire. world. ever.

They are 11 and 6, 6, 6.

So please explain to me why my house looks like it's inhabited by a pack of 2 year old monkeys? WHY can they not put away the Zingo when it is done with? Why must they throw the pieces across the room? Literally. I didn't make that up.

Dovi has had 2 accidents in as many days. Don't be all like "oh, poor Dovi, it's so hard for him". He's being lazy, pure and simple.

Elisha is currently eating his pasta. with. his. hands. OMG.

Remember P-ville? How cute it is? They colored all over it. A plague has come to P-ville.

Shana is literally attached to my body, moaning. She is bored. She is tired. She is crabby. All these descriptives were given to me, by her.

They are fighting. They are screaming.

And when they are not fighting or screaming, they are following me around the house asking me annoying questions.


Make them go away.

Make this day end.

Make them stop.

I even took them across the street to my neighbor to play in the snow with the neighbor kids. I don't know about you, but growing up in Wisconsin, we got lots of snow. I remember me and my sister playing for hours in the backyard. They played for less than 20 minutes. Then they were cold. Snow was in their boots.

Wimps I tell you, wimps.

Rebecca, remember that enormous snow fort you and I made? There are even pictures of it. There is enough snow for such a fort. They do not care.

They are annoying.

We are eating lunch, showering, and then I am sticking them in front of the TV and praying they do not bother me they are getting cozy and watching a movie.

How is it only 12:53 pm?


Anonymous said...

if it makes you feel any better...i have six kids home from school today - and there is NO SNOW!!! that forcasted foot of snow and the horrible driving conditions predicted to begin at 10 am sharp have NOT MATERIALIZED. and binny just practiced his scissor skills - by cutting a sheet of paper into teeny tiny bits. all over my clean for shabbos kitchen (but then he melted my heart by saying that it was snow).
i hope that plan of yours works!
oh, now it IS snowing. great - they will call the eruv down and then the littles and i will be stuck at home all day tomorrow! at least i have some good books lined up.
have a good shabbos!

Shosh said...

Just think happy coupon thoughts, happy coupon thoughts....

WriterGrrl said...

Dude, that truly sucks. I'm sorry.

Rachelz said...

i have to say that even though I was happy that my kids did have school. All three of them, though they're in the same school system, had different shortened school day schedules. R. had 9-11:30, D. 9-12, and E. 8:30 through 12:00. So I couldn't even go to work because by the time I dropped off all of them and would have gotten to skokie, I would have had an hour of work time before I headed back home. So it was a different type of annoying.
How do you like this below zero temperatures, fun right? :)

heidik said...

my kids also have no desire to play in the snow! Whats up with that?