Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

(Alternately Titled: I Got Nuttin', Folks)

Kinda in the cold snowy winter funk. Kinda bummed that my "open the sienna" trick I bragged about did not work this repulsive icy morning.

Wishing I was home in my flannel jammy pants like I was yesterday. Looking forward to my thrifty trip back to Walgreens today.

So you're getting this today.

Look at me! I'm, crossing the finish line! My time did not suck! OK, I'm not speedy like other people who shall remain nameless Rachel and Rachel but I finish!

And I'll be doing it again in 6 (YIKES!) weeks.

Bring it on, baby!


WriterGrrl said...

I wanna do a run! But I refuse to run in skirts. Also, I'm not very good. I could never do a marathon, but a 5K, I think I could work up to.

DESJ and Company said...

do I really look that freaky?

When I run here in cold Chicago I often wear the same color leggings and skirt-so from far away you don't notice the skirt....I'm sneaky that way.

And notice my stylish bandanna-I coordinate for the theme color of the race.

You could do it! Well not now in your current state, but anyone can run. It's just a matter of practice and endurance.

Orah said...

Nice shot by the way. Do they have the same color theme every year?

In reference to the 50 year anniversary question - you are correct. Although I forget there were specifically 50 pairs set aside at the time, because he has started a foundation and continues to give Tefillin away. This goes along with his amazing Tefillin story - I will have to blog that some time.

Rachelz said...

Ok, this is my month. I got mentioned, either annoymously or crossed out, twice in like a week on your blog. I am blushing and proud all at the same time.
Two things I need to tell/ask you and since I don't have facebook, I'll do it here. you know Martha?
2.want to run with me outside? I need more running partners?

and, i am very jealous of your cool miami marathon runner picture. it looks awesome, maybe next year......

chaviva said...

okay, i have a confession to make. I've been lurking on your blog for some time now. I came over from shosh's blog. I know, it is totally unacceptable behavior. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. The reason I'm commenting today, is because I need to thank you. Your unfreezing the Sienna door trick worked like a charm on my Venture this morning. I guess a power door is a power door be it American or Japanese. So thanx for the trick, and sorry it didn't work for you today. Did you warm the car up first? if not, that may help. Good luck.

DESJ and Company said...

Nice to meet you Chaviva! Do I know you IRL?

Glad to hear that the van opened nicely.

Enjoy my bloggy-poo :)

Oh and Orah-the Ing Miami Marathon is orange every year.

connie said...

Sara, I don't see an email address, so I'll answer your Mini One questions here.

I don't know the answer to your question about replacing the Mini One button at home. It looks like it might be easy enough to change out the button using the adapter that comes in the kit, but I wonder if anyone does. I wonder if only physicians can buy it? I've never heard of anyone changing out the Bards at home. One thing about this, compared to the Mickey, is that it's supposed to last much longer (as the Bard also does), and I know an experienced physician would know way more than I would, when to change sizes. It would be hard to know when to order a new size, even if you found a way to get them yourself.

I found this link ( with comments by people using the Mini One. They mention another complaint about the Bard ... the anti-reflux valve eventually leaking. Our pedisurgeon who put it in said that this button's valve is higher up so it doesn't get damaged by stomach acid.

No, it's not a balloon (though the company does make balloons that also look similar, externally). Yes, MUCH lower profile. I am very excited about this, because kids I've seen who had Bards have much better tummy skin than those with Mickeys.

And your question about the nurse? Yikes; that one makes me shudder!!

connie said...

And, no. You don't look freaky! I'm way impressed!

WriterGrrl said...

No, you don't look freaky at all, it's a comfort thing. My garment of choice is always pants, so I compromise most of the time with Israeli skirt-pants. But for running, I simply refuse and go with ordinary, regular pants.

Chaviva said...

I know your kids IRL. I am an SW and I used to consult at some schools. I remember D way back when he was at MKJCC, and more recently ESJ when they were at BHJCC. I also used to work with Martha (do you know her?)who learnt a lot of Jewish stuff from Katie. So thanx for all you taught her.