Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two ThreeThings I Have Learned This Morning Today

  1. If your car dealer tells you on Sunday that you really need a new battery for your van, and your kids leave two interior lights on inside the van after the aforementioned menorah hunt, your van will be dead as a doornail in the morning. This will the necessitate you calling your lovely carpool buddy and beg her to drive, thus making her late for her son's dentist appointment (I know you were late, Rebecca. You were just being nice). Everyone, say a prayer that the van will start at my lunch hour when I attempt to go to Auto Zone to buy a new one so one of the guys here at the shop will change it for me.
  2. There are still some nice companies in this world. Remember the Nok Hockey debacle? Well we just ordered it from Back to Basics Toys. For some reason unbeknownst to me, they shipped us two. I called them this morning. They told me that rather than ship back the second, I should just donate it to a worthy cause. How lovely! (But what does that say about the markup on stuff we buy?!)
  3. When you drop off your rosewood challah board to get fixed it would be a good plan to find out how much the glass guy will charge to replace the glass that your children broke while clearing the table. Otherwise you will end up paying almost $100 to fix an item that can be bought brand new for $25. Lovely.


Estie said...

Broken 3 of those challah boards over time. Feel your pain.

Orah said...

I like your edit, and the day is not over. Maybe you should wait until night to post your blogs.

Shosh said...

Re: Nok Hockey - That is SO nice. It's nice to hear stories about when people are still nice these days.