Tuesday, December 9, 2008

If My Camera Had Not Died Today...

You would be getting pictures of Shana's huge window in her mouth. She lost her top tooth on Sunday and she is seriously the most adorable lisping girl ever...

If my camera had not died would have gotten a picture of all my loot I got at Walgreens and Target...there are some great offers and coupons out there now, and boy did I cash in! If you ask nice (and are interested at all) I can share what I got.

If my camera had not died today...I would be sharing a picture of my precarious DVD player set up next to my treadmill in the scary slasher basement. I've been watching Pirates of the Caribbean while running-I never saw it and for some reason we were given both movies (there's only 2, right?) while on Make a Wish last year. They've been sitting in the shrink wrap for over a year. I was close to losing my mind running staring at my furnace-hence the precariously propped DVD player. I must say that I am finding the movie surprisingly enjoyable. But I have not a clue how anyone lets their young kids watch it. It's seriously creepy at times!

If my camera had not died today....I might consider sharing pictures of me on my couch in my cozy clothes eating leftover banana french toast and coffee with all my paperwork spread around me....bliss.

If my camera had not died today...I would not be asking all my loyal readers for a recommendation for a good point and shoot camera with the following requirements:
  • easy to use
  • under $150

oh those are my only 2 requirements. What camera do you have? Do you like it?


$5 Dinner Mom said...

Arnold coupons must have been from recent paper insert. I'm not good at remembering when I clipped them!

Orah said...

1. I have a feeling So will be coming home from school pouting again about how another girl lost her tooth and So's are not even loose, but yay for Shana. 2.I believe you are missing the third "Pirates" installment. 4. check out consumer reports for camera ideas. I like Canon, I like mine, but I don't know if the model is still being sold, although it was definitely under 150.00 because I do not spend either. And what do you mean about the 50th anniversary? You mean bringing his kids together and the kiddush?
I have a small TV right in front of my treadmill, but then what do you do for the marathon, do you get those expensive TV glasses?

Orah said...

Maybe if I could get some sleep, point 4 would not have replaced the non - existant point 3

Anonymous said...

How do you make banana french toast?

The point and shoot I ordered just arrived and I have to go pick it up. I hope it's easy to use - it looked easy when they demo-ed it in the store. It's a Nikon Coolpix S 550 and it was on sale for 150.


elisha said...

What good deals did you get at Target?

Kelly said...

Bummer about your camera. I got the Canon SD1100 over the summer and I like it very much. It is very small and easy to use. It also comes in pretty colors. ;)

agent99 said...

LOVE my Nikons - note the plural. Get the best model you can for the money. Office Depot had a $25 coupon in Sunday's paper, and I think the carry Nikon.

agent99 said...

I LOVE my Nikons - note the plural. Get the best model you can with the $150. Office Depot has a $25 coupon and I think they carry Nikon.
Love, Peta

Gretchen said...
I have a Canon Elph for my purse and they are teeny. It's right around $150 at amazon right now - great price!

Shosh said...

i have the SD1100 and so far i really like it

DESJ and Company said...

Here is the link for the banana french toast. It was really excellent.

DESJ and Company said...

Here's what I bought at TArget:
They currently have a promo-buy 5 keebler cookies/crackers, get $5 gift card.
I bought 5, and had 5 $1 off coupons (downloadable online), for a cost of $1.33-$1.66 each, and got the gift card.

I also bought Rayovac batteries from the dollar section ($1 each), and had $1 off coupons (also downloadable)

I also bought the Luminaire starter kit which is on sale for $4.99 and had a $5 off coupon from the paper.

So I believe I paid $7.53 oop and got a $5 gift card.

Then I reprinted coupons today and went back and bought another 5 cookies and a bunch more batteries-and a box of baggies-and paid $5.53 oop after applying yesterday's gift card-and got another $5 gift card.


So grand total spent is $12 and change but got another gc so actually $7 and got 10 cookies, 5 batteries, 1 luminaire, and 1 box baggies. yippee!

Risa said...

Where do you find good coupons online? I'm going to check out - sounds right up my alley!


Elisha said...

Wow those are some great deals! I love getting the gift cards. I need to find the online coupons and go get the cookies/crackers!! I always need food for the kids lunches. Thanks for sharing!!

DESJ and Company said...

you can find almost any coupon you'd ever want online-just google "xxxx coupon". almost everything is available.

fdmom said...

Hi - did you get a new camera yet? I have a Canon Digital Elph & love it! There are newer models out now since I got mine - I have the PowerShot SD1000. It's small, lightweight & takes nice pix - even if the kids are moving around. I have some great shots of Jessica when she was performing at Hawthorne Mall a couple yrs ago.

Good shabbos.