Wednesday, December 17, 2008

In Which Sara Morphs into Two People

So I have a scheduling "difficulty" (a term I am using lightly here) that I need to talk out to figure out a solution.

Dovi leaves for Winter Camp at 1 pm on Sunday.

The Chai Lifeline Chanukah Party is 12-2 on Sunday.

Benjie is working on Sunday.

The Winter Camp drop off and Chanukah Party are approximately 30 minutes apart.

Last time I checked, I am one person.

I am talented, but how the heck am I going to pull this off?

Here's my tentative plan.
  1. Go to party with car loaded up.
  2. Shove lunch down Dovi's throat.
  3. Stay 15 minutes.
  4. Hopefully leave ESJ at Chanukah Party with lovely volunteers (note to self: Call Chai L ifeline office and ask if this is ok)
  5. speed north drive to Winter Camp drop off with Dovi's 800 pieces of luggage. This year we get to add in an oxygen concentrator and BiPap machine just to keep 'em busy.
  6. Arrive at drop off.
  7. Kiss Dovi goodbye 400 times.
  8. Instruct Bobby, Dovi's A.W.E.S.O.M.E. counselor about menorah lighting and gift distribution.
  9. Make sure A.W.E.S.O.M.E. nurse Chana has no more questions. This is her third year dealing with him at Winter Camp so I suspect she'll do just fine. But she comes home very tired. Shocking.
  10. Kiss Dovi 400 more times
  11. speed south get back to Chanukah party by about 1:40 pm
  12. Go home with sugared up, presented up ESJ
  13. Collapse.
Sounds like a plan to me.

An on a different note, another totally awesome tidbit for minivan drivers. You know how, when the van is full of boosters for carpool, it's impossible. for. the. kids. to buckle. their. carseats? So my friend Rebecca did this in her old van, and I just remembered to call my car dealer this morning.

Did you know that you can call your dealer and order seatbelt extenders? As in little six inch doohickeys (omg doohickey is actually a word-my spell check didn't light up!) that can bring the buckle up six inches? And here is the kicker. Listen very carefully:

the seatbelt extenders are free.

Life changing, my dears, life changing.

I hope I've made your day just a teeny bit better.


Kelly said...

No Way!!! I had no idea about the seatbelt extenders. That is awesome info...thanks!!!

Good luck with your schedule...I'm sure it will all work out. ;)

Orah said...

SERIOUSLY???? SEAT BELT EXTENDERS??? Maybe if I was morbidly obese I would have considered this option might exist, but this will make my "uber enjoyable" Tuesdays just so much easier. And it might eliminate the bruise on my knuckles (someone actually asked me if I was bulimic and was biting my knuckles when I put my fingers down my throatI will call Toyota right now. Thank you Rebecca VIA Sara.

Shosh said...

What is winter camp? And seatbelt extenders sound awesome I will be calling today as well.

DESJ and Company said...

Keshet has a loverly 4 night/5 days winter camp, which Dovi has gone to the past 2 years. It's at Perlstein with "regular" camp chi kids and it's beyond awesome-snow tubing, bowling, water park, etc etc etc - Dovi adores it. As do I. Because I honestly have not a clue what I would do with him otherwise.

So he comes home Thursday afternoon and we go up to Conclave on Friday morning!


Orah said...

Sara, I just called Toyota and they said I have to bring the van in to make the order of extenders, is this how Rebecca did it. I though it was something you order on the phone and they just mail it out. Just curious if I was informed correctly or no, before i go out there with my car.

DESJ and Company said...

I just called Grossinger and told them what I wanted, and they ordered them and told me they'd call me when they were in.

Risa said...

Wait a minute - do seatbelt extenders mean you don't need a booster, or just that it makes it easier to buckle?

Christie-A Work In Progress said...

Stopping by from SITS. Your blog is really pretty! Your schedule seems really together compared to mine!

Haley Nicodemus said...

When I have my own kids, I will keep those doohickey's in mind!

Just out of curiosity - what is Winter Camp?

Haley Nicodemus said...

Nevermind - I should have read your comments before posting. Sounds like a blast!

rickismom said...

Sounds a bit like my day Monday.....(except, that not having a car, it is hard for me to zoom anywhere very fast.....

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to ask the nurse or Bobby to pick him up at your house? That way you can kiss him 800 times there and enjoy the party, minus the sugar-filled kids?? Either way, good luck!