Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Winter Camp

So...Dovi had a blast at Winter Camp. He went tubing, and bowling, and to an indoor water park/arcade.

He also dialed 911 from the dining room one night.

Yes, you heard me correctly. The last night, at dinner, a Keshet counselor heard the pay phone ringing. He picked it up. It was the 911 call center calling back. It seems that someone had dialed 911 and hung up.

"No, everything is ok. Don't send the police". Then they went about figuring out who had called and if everything was ok. Someone said:

"Didn't Dovi stop at the pay phone on his way to the bathroom?"

Dovi was asked. Dummy that he is, he admitted it immediately. He was sent to bed 15 minutes early and he and Bobby composed a letter of apology.

So first, I was spazzing. He really doesn't get common safety, does he?" But then I remembered an...ahem...incident from when I was about 8 or 9. Granted, he is 11, and I was a few years younger, but I distinictly recall sitting with my friend Chaya in music class at school, which for some reason was being held in the auditorium on the stage.

Also, for some reason, there were a bunch of stick pins on the floor. There were also outlets on the floor. I guess this sticks out in my mind because I was such a goody goody as a child.

Unlike my darling hubby who forged his father's name, his father who was a teacher in the school that he attended, on his homework.

So for some reason unbeknownst to me, Chaya and I started dropping the stick pins into the outlet. Do you know what happens when you do that? Small little puffs of fire and smoke. Yes, we got in trouble.

So I guess everyone is allowed one stupid unsafe action as a kid. This was his. What was yours?

So on to the pictures.

Yes, my son with $100,000 of titanium in his back went tubing. Don't tell Dr. Feldman. He had lots of fun.

Isn't this a cool picture of Dovi and Heather? Heather is the a.w.e.s.o.m.e. head of recreation for Keshet. She's the master of all the rec programs. Thanks for taking Dovi away for four days! winter camp!

Snowball fight!!!
It's a good thing he goes to winter camp and gets to play in the snow there. I don't think I have ever played in the snow with my kids. I put them out. I should move to Miami. Luckily I'm going there in four weeks for the marathon that I am beyond not ready for

Dovi seems to be eating the snow in this picture. Lovely. His hat was so far down I'm not sure if he could see!

Yes, he looks insanely disabled here. Well, he is insanely disabled. But look at those cute little feet! I love his feet. And his little hands. They are so itty bitty and cute. I hope Bobby doesn't mind me putting this picture of him on my blog. Oh well.

Yes, he's very wet.


Orah said...

The pics are too cute. Glad he had a good time. He looked like he was having fun at NCSY as well. In terms of the one "unsafe" thing a person could do - there is some irony to calling 911 - a safety offering hot line, as the most unsafe thing a person could do. At least he didn't call New Zealand, like Ate somehow managed to do (without using my overseas calling card, of course).

Shosh said...

I love when otherwise well behaved children do naughty things. It's so cute!
And it looks like he had an awesome time. Is he back in school already?

Chaya said...

Oh my gosh....I would never have remembered that story, but the minute I started reading it I had a vivid picture in my head of that very naughty thing we did!! Thanks for sharing!!! Looks like Dovi had a blast!!

Nahum and Rebecca said...

Okay, I have several comments to make:
1) music class was always held on the stage. "Shalom Mrs. Cohen, Shalom Mrs. Cohen...."
2) I have absolutely no recollection of that incident.
3) You were a goody goody as a child? I thought that was my role :).

Shosh said...

ahh i also remember shalom mrs. cohen! And singing "you light up my life"

Anonymous said...

Calling 911as a prank...that's so.....TYPICAL!!!!

Go Dovi!

Haley Nicodemus said...

From what I can tell, I would love his little feet and hands too. I lvoe little things. It looks like he had so much fun!