Wednesday, December 3, 2008

No Ugg or Not to Ugg....Ugh!!

So you all will have to indulge my insanity...

I'm in a quandary. I need new boots. I live here in snowy Chicago, and it's cold. And wintry. And generally icky. I'd like to sit home in my pajamas lounge wear all day. But sometimes, you've gotta get dressed and leave. As in every day you need to do that. And I am cold. I'm sitting at my desk at work with my heater running full blast. I like being cozy. Benjie and I constantly need to turn the ceiling fan in our bedroom (yes,I'm a nice wife who gave in to the darn need for an ugly ceiling fan in our otherwise pretty bedroom) on and off.

So back to the boots.

I need new ones. I want ones that are
  • warm
  • cozy
  • waterproof to some degree
  • stylish
  • warm
  • warm
  • warm
  • warm
Because, remember? I'm cold.

So basically, I want a pair of Uggs. So I'm trying to justify the gasp-worthy price tag. Preface this by saying that my six year old daughter has a pair of Uggs. Real, chestnut Uggs from Nordy's. Not fake Target ones. But let me explain that I had a boatload of Nordstroms Notes that I saved up just for that occasion. Why must my daughter have Uggs? I was the child who had the Flower Patch Kid. Not the Cabbage Patch Kid. The Flower Patch Kid. And it scarred me, it really did. Mommy, I understand your disdain for all things material. I get that you refused, on principle, to stand in line for like 15 hours to get me a doll, a doll that was just like every other doll. But kids, they want to fit in. And every. single. girl. at. Shana's. school. has Uggs. I kid you not. I didn't buy her school shoes. I bought her Uggs. So that's that with her.

But I don't spend money on myself. Despite rumors amongst my siblings to the contrary, I do not. I get a few new Shabbos outfits per season thanks to a lovely shopping trip with my mom to Fox's, but that's it. I really don't feel the need to buy for myself. I'm not a fashionista.

A few years back I was shopping with a friend, and we were at Banana Republic, and I tried on a black wrap dress-simple, elegant, I can wear it for years. I agonized over the price tag. It was $120. I told her that I haven't spent that much on myself in I don't remember how long. She marched me up to that counter and FORCED me to buy the dress. That was about two years ago, and let me tell you, that dress has served me well. But it's so hard to spend on myself. The skirt I'm wearing right now? Bought it 8 years ago while I was still in college.

Lest you all think I walk around looking like a shmatta, I really do not. I'm groomed. I'm clean. I'm reasonably fashionable. Not amazingly so, but I think I'm passable.

The last pair of winter boots I bought, Benjie's sister was a sophomore in high school. She is now married with 4 kids. I think I'm due. I even went so far as to throw out said boots at the end of last winter because they were so dated and heinous.

So I went to Target a few days ago and picked up a pair of their tall black fake Uggs. Price tag? $27.99. But let's be honest, peeps. Those suckers are made out of fake suede and polyester pile. They will last me, tops, 1 year. Maybe if I baby them, 2. And, frankly, they are the Flower Patch Kid of Uggs. They don't have that sneaky little brag tag on the back. So they are sitting in my bedroom. I have not worn them yet.

Because I am undecided. Should I just bite the bullet, say, "I'm going to wear those darned boots for at least 5 or 6 years, knowing my history, and just invest in the real shearling (or whatever the heck they are) Uggs?" Or say, "Screw the fad! I'm being thrifty"?

Because, you know, I really like being thrifty. Heck, I've been back to the meanies at KMart twice in the past two days to take advantage of their double coupon days and buy multiple boxes of Rice Crispies for $.50 each. Yes. $.50 each. Yesterday I walked out of there having spent $1.60 on three boxes of cereal.

So I'm kind of torn, as you can tell by the ridiculous length of this post. Ugg or not to Ugg...that is the question.

Anyone have any answers?


Mom said...

Get yourself the Uggs. You deserved them and like you said, they will last you a long time. Think of the cost of $25-$30 per year for the cheap boots. That adds up to $150-$180 over 6 years. Enjoy the Uggs now!

elana said...

for the fashionably challenged can you please show a picture of what "uggs" look like? im the same way though and rarely go shopping for myself. anyway id say go for them anyway. its nice to splurge once in awhile.

Brie said...

I say Ugg.Go for it.

WriterGrrl said...

Get them. I also wear shoes until they have freaking holes in them. But I live in Houston, so I won't get frostbite.

Shosh said...

this is the quandry i went through 3 years ago. i wanted uggs because 1) they are sooo comfy and i also HATE BEING COLD. they are like slippers you can wear outside, and im all for wearing pajamas all day long
2)i actually like how they look

BUT i could not fathom spending $120 on them. So i went to Nordys and bought them from the girls section. thats when its nice to have small feet. They were only $80 in my teeny size (4 in girls = 6 in women).

$80 is still a lot. BUT i have worn them every single day from October to April for 2 years now and they are still in pristine condition. this is my 3rd winter in them. Nordstrom even cleaned them for me last year for free.

I am slightly embarrassed to wear them, to be honest. because i dont love being a part of the fad. im also embarrassed to wear my north face coat which i bought on ebay (girls size Large) for cheaper than a GAP winter coat.

So. As one cheap person to another, I totally hear your quandry. And i say....just buy them. Cheap is not always best. They will not fall apart. If they do, Nordstrom will replace them. They will serve you well.

Lyndsay said...

As a Michigander sitting in HER office, freezing, heater at feet - I say just do it!

I went through the quality clothes guilty phase, but I am rapidly coming back. Nothing beats a nice piece of clothing that can last you for years!

Kelly said...

Get them and enjoy them!!! It sounds like you will get your money's worth out of them. I hope they keep your piggies nice and toastie.

I'd love to see a picture too!!

Gina @ Six in the Country said...

Get the boots, girl! Keep those toes warm!

Orah said...

OOOOh, I just came home from L&T and Macy's because I needed boots (and my feet are the only thing that hasn't changed in size) Although I am an anti- Ugg person, just cuz of the non-conformist in me, I do think you should spend money to get what is good for you (no target for the deserving mother of four) But, I went with coupons in addition to the clearance boots and got gr8 boots and shoes for great prices. And at Macy's I was informed when I saw a pair of Cohl Haan boots (that I purchased at the sale price)that looked very similar to Uggs, that Uggs in fact are warm yet not water proof. Anyway, spend money on yourself and get gr8 boots, but look beyond the Uggs.

michelle prero said...

I am also the sucker mom that bought UGGS for my 7 year old, but refused to buy them for myself (she asked me why my boots are "fake UGGS" - thats what I get for living in the five towns :)

Risa said...

I think every Chicago mommy goes through the same quandary. I had it myself last week. I was all set to go out and spend $200 on Uggs, until someone told me about Bear Paws - Better than your Target knock offs, but not Uggs and not Ugg prices. You can waterproof them with waterproofing spray. I got them at famous footwear where I had a 20% off coupon and it was buy one get one half off - so I got boots for Benny too. Anyway - they are Warm, Warm, Warm - even though they don't have a brag tag, and I felt good about my decision not to get Uggs just for the name alone.

However, I have done the same with purses, where I'll get one for like $20 at Target, and then need a new one 6 months later. 2 years ago my husband bought me a Coach bag as a gift, and I've never had an issue. So sometimes it is worth spending the money, but I tell you Bear Paws are a real alternative to Uggs.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your Mom. Think of the cost per year, which is low, and go buy them!

Michelle B.

amy (3Peas) said...



Yitz/Yaffa said...

If you are reasonably fashionable, will you be embarrassed to wear them in 5 years when UGGs are (finally) out of style? If you really did purchase your last pair 12 years ago, and you want to get almost as much use out of your next pair, go for the UGGs. But, you are already entering the UGG market late, so be aware that you may soon be considered reasonably un-fashionable. -Yaffa (former lurker)

Anonymous said...

Bought my 8 yr old daughter (Emily)the"F"Uggs from Target. Amazingly, it took only 3 wearings for the soles to crack. She tells me she asked Daddy for real Uggs-she KNOWS I won't spend $100 on shoes for a growing child. But you dear Sara, should probably invest in a real pair, or you'll be buying a new pair from Target every year!
Don't they have them at Macy's of L&T - coupons, coupons....

Haley Nicodemus said...

Warning: long comment

First of all, the ugly fan is too funny. I guess we are different in the south, because it's a sad deal when you don't have a ceiling fan in the rooms. That means you had a really cheap contractor that couldn't afford to put in a fan. I could not imagine my house with no fans. Too funny - I may have to blog about that. :)

Also, totally go with the uggs. I'm the same way though. Sometimes I think, "does it really matter what the brand is?" It's hard to make that choice and it's a darn shame we feel that way.

The flower patch kid is hysterical. I've never heard of that doll. I guess they had an overload of cabbage patch kids by the time I caught up...well 4 years later. I'm 27.

Rachelz said...

I had the same quandry last year. I ended up spending a nauseating amount of money on boots so that I would have something to get me through the winter. But I wore them every single day last winter, and have worn them now for about 2 weeks straight. Footwear to me seems to be the best and only piece of clothing worthy of spending money on.

mmc said...

Coming out of lurking. I LOVE UGGS. This is a girl who was vehemently opposed to their existence. Until my sister got a pair. Oh and please please please water proof them. You have to get stupid special ugg spray. but it's worth it.


ugg fanatic said...

hey i would so go for the uggs! i got a pair of fuggs and in 2 weeks i had to bin them, and then i got a pair of bear paws, but they only lasted about 3 months, so i said to heck with it and bought my self a pair of real ones. i have 6 pairs now and my oldest pair (3 years) are just as good as my newest ones (2 months) oh and mmc, i got a bottle of the special ugg spray, and it was lyk 15 euro, and it took an hour to dry, and i ran out so my mum bought me a new bottle of the stuff, but it wasn't ugg, it was punch suede protector, it took 3 mins to dry, lasted 3 times as long and was only 5 euros. not only did i save on money and protection time, but i got it at my local supermarket and i didn't need to leave my uggs on a shelf for a weak because i was waiting for the ugg spray to be delivered!