Friday, December 5, 2008

So what else is new?

Dovi went to the orthotist last night. Who ever makes a 7 pm appointment to get their 11 year old's orthotics looked at? Evidently me.

So the very lovely guy checked out Dovi's orthotics that have been giving him so many blister issues. After we had a whole discussion about Jewish Genetic Diseases and how he and his fiance really should get tested. Which they hopefully will do.

It turns out that Dovi's having orthotic issues NOT from the orthotics not fitting correctly (wow that was a double negative if I've ever heard one). Rather, the orthotic are giving him blisters because they are not the correct orthotics for him.

Dovi has multiple things wrong with his feet. He pronates, he has tightish heel cords, and he keeps his feet in this odd flexion position. Since he keeps his feet in this position, and he does not feel any pain, the orthotist who will get genetic tested explained to me that he will have ongoing blistering issues. What he really needs are not the SMOs he has, that my insurance company just paid over $1,000 for, but he actually needs AFOs. Which my insurance company will assumadly pay $1,500 for. Because I certainly aint. But I foresee a large fight in my future. The SMOs? Umm made 7/31/08. It's etched into the plastic. J. P 7/31/08.

This is what he has-SMOs. They go about 2 inches above his ankle.

This is that he's getting. Hinged AFOs. Up to his knees. Which is not a problem in the winter, but in the summer, I will cry. He will look even more freaking disabled than he does already. I mean, everyone at his camps knows him and loves him already. But boo hoo....they look so disabled. I guess it can go with my handicapped tag in my van and his wheelchair. Boo freaking hoo.

But on the upside he chose Bulls and Blackhawks designs. They're pretty snazzy, in a sad pathetic kind of way.

Oh and gals with a child who has had a cranial band? Want a hoot? This place does them too. And they are currently remodeling their office. And they made the casting room for bands all the way in the back, and added extra insulation so as to make it soundproof. You know why. heehee.


WriterGrrl said...

Sorry, Sara. That sucks. (I've decided that this is my new response to things, rather than trying to pretend I know how someone else feels.)

Rachelz said...

Maybe there's a use for the old ones, like a vase or a cereal dispenser.

That does stink though.

How's cooking for shabbos going?

Shosh said...

i have no doubt that you will succeed when up against the insurance company.
and i have a new sienna trick. have the kids pull on the door from the inside, while you pull on it from the outside. not sure if this works with power doors but it worked for me this morning on old fashioned doors!

DESJ and Company said...

Cooking is DONE!
Currently folding the 3 loads of laundry that I ignored whilst going to dinners, parent teacher conferences, and doctor appointments this week.

Shosh-I have no understanding of what you and the kids did. Maybe you could've just poured some sewage on it. that might've worked.

Shosh said...

ha sorry there is no sewage left. thank g-d.
i mean that while i pulled the door handle from the outside, D pulled on the handle from the inside. apparently our combined strength was just too much for the van to handle.

Galiah said...

i can relate w/ the new braces thing... yes, the summer is a bummer when your kid is wearing braces up to his knee, and it does look more "handicapped"-- i fully empathize...
I'm glad you (he) are getting the "cool"-looking ones w/ designs-- makes all the difference, in my opinion.
This past summer, kovy went from AFO's to KAFO's -- the ones that go all the way up to his thighs-- yes, in the summer, w/ socks that went all the way up too...
BUT they are helping him immensely.