Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Menorah Hunt

So I wanted to share with you a cherished P Family tradition.

OK that sounds uber-cheesy, but it's the honest truth.

At least one night during Chanukah, we go on a Menorah Hunt.

What is a Menorah Hunt, you ask?

I load the kids into the car and we drive around the neighborhood, looking for menorahs. Now my kids are 6, and Dovi is a fake 11, so this might not hold the same appeal, for, say, a family of teenagers. But if your kids are six or so or younger, give it a try.

This year I upped the ante and made them all hot cocoa in travel mugs (thankfully we own three!) and they took the Chanukah Gelt they got in little goodie bags at school. We also took a few stuffed animals along for the ride.

I have to tell you, I felt so cheesy as we were rolling down the street, looking for menorahs and singing Al HaNisim on the top of our lungs (since the Miami Boys Choir concert we went to last night, Jacob has taken to singing in this really "professional" cheesy voice. Cracks me up).

See, I don't always hate my kids.

It's all back to that "change the attitude, change the kid" thing. I met my kids off the bus with a huge smile, hugs, and enthusiasm, and it really made a difference.

Give the Menorah Hunt a try, it's really a blast.


Orah said...

I especially like the stop you made on your Menorah hunt (too bad ours was not lit yet). Anyway, thanks again. These things do not go unnoticed by me. A parent who has the foresight to teach their kids to think of others, ends up with kids who do just that. (unless she initiated the idea) - either way you are doing something right. You made So's night (and trust me, I can count on one hand the people who inquired about her). :)

elisha said...

what a great idea, when i was a kid we looked at xmas lights (it's that not growing up frum thing) and this is sooooo much better.

Shosh said...

My parents used to drive us around looking at xmas lights as well. It was always so much fun but it never occured to me to do it with menorahs. Awesome idea...I think we'll try it tonight!

Kelly said...

Very cool idea!!! What a neat way to enjoy the holiday as a family.

michelle prero said...

Just wanted to let you know I took the kids on a "menorah hunt" last night and they loved it!! It's nice to see my kids enjoy something so simple and FREE! Thanks for the great idea.

DESJ and Company said...

I'm so glad your kids enjoyed it!
I've learned over the last few years which blocks are good to go down :)