Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Me! Monday

It is NOT ME!!!! Who cannot, for some idiotic reason, get the Not Me! Button to paste onto my blog. WTH? I've copied it from my old posts AND from MCK and CANNOT get it.

So it is NOT ME who has wasted about 15 minutes trying to get this to happen.

So it would never be me who would just leave the messed up html code there in all its glory.

It is NOT ME who suspects that it has something to do with her crappy laptop that just might be infected with many viruses.

And it is also not me who just tried one more time and got it to work.

But it is also not me who thinks what she wrote was kinda funny so is leaving it up there anyway.

It was not me this week who realized that I forgot an ingredient in my chocolate cake, the chocolate cake that was the cornerstone of my dessert spread for a lunch for 19 people.

This person (who was not me) did not just slather that sucker with lots of frosting and hope for the best.

And for the record, the cake was just fine. Or in Not ME! style, it was NOT just fine.

It was not me this week whose heart swelled with joy at her excellent parent teacher conferences.

It was also NOT ME! who dragged her boys to Dominicks, solely to take advantage of the Fresca buy 2-get 3 deal.

This mom would never have refused to allow her kids to get anything else.

That would have been mean.

But this mom also did NOT make chocolate chip muffins with her kids (What is with me recently? I hate baking!)

It is also NOT ME who has so much paperwork to do but is too freaking lazy to do it at home.

So this incredibly lazy mom is NOT going to put it all in a bag and deal with it at work.

Because I never spend all day at work surfing the 'net, lacking any real work to do.

Yes, I do NOT have the best job ever
I did not just run 5 miles for the marathon...I do not rock!

It is also NOT ME who is considering staying up until midnight to try and be in the top 10...let's see where I end up on MCK...


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I am so the type who would leave an ingred. out of a cake. not that I've ever done that!
I noticed on your side bar that you are running a marathon? Awesome! I am hoping to this spring. I ran 14 miles yesterday, and am NOT sore today!
Have a great one!

Shosh said...

i have the same problem with the button every week! and you do have the best job and get paid, right near a kmart...

Shosh said...

wow number 17 not bad! lol

DESJ and Company said...

This will be my 4th half marathon-and my third runnning on a charitable team that raises money for services for my son -
WOW-14 miles???? I see how much you run on your blog-it's scary!!! I'm assuming you do marathons?

Keyona said...

5 miles huh? Whoo Hooo! Great job!

Orah said...

I am not tired at all, because I did not stay up until 1 am. I mean, I am not a complete moron.

Kimber said...

I also did NOT stay up late to post my NMM. I'm up late every night anyway. It's soooo hard switching back to dayshift schedules after working nights. Love your list. Happy Holidays!!

Rachelz said...

Wait I'm stuck on the chocolate chip muffins, yum, did they come out good? I'm so in the mood! Also, where do you run? At home? At the gym?

Anonymous said...

I stayed up late to do the same thing and didn't make it till the next morning because I forgot! Have a great rest of the week!