Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Have no fear, my faithful followers

I would not leave you a day without a post. But it's kinda random.

  • Does anyone else have problems with their Sienna's power door freezing shut? It's possibly the most annoying thing ever on a cold snowy winter morning, although I've finally figured out the secret to get it open.
  • I believe that there should be a two hour limit on all dinners that one needs to go to. After two hours one tends to get a little punchy.
  • thank you those of you who have so far sponsored me for the rapidly-approaching-marathon. Anyone else who'd like to contribute, click here!
  • When I am cheery and happy to the kids, they are cheery and happy to me. This happened last night. Conversely, when I am grouchy and crabby to them, they are grouchy and crabby back to me. This happened this morning.
  • Anyone want to come to my house and de-crappify? I need to get rid of some stuff. I'm drowning.
  • Anyone else want to come and cook with me for my lunch of 20 this Shabbos?
  • And I must congratulate myself for having 20 people for this Shabbos lunch, following a week of a dinner last night, parent teacher conferences on Wednesday night, Dovi having an orthotic appointment at 7 pm on Thursday night, and a orthodontist appointment on Friday morning. Ummm great planning.
And that's all I can come up with for now.


Orah said...

It's called "pot luck" . Why would you cook for 20? My sienna power door does not freeze, but can you figure out why my electric garage door opens when I press the button, but does not close when I do the same?

Anonymous said...

My Sienna door freezes all the time. It happened a lot last winter. Please share yor secret!

DESJ and Company said...

the way to get the sienna door open is this:

basically what has happened is that a little but of water (melted snow) has gotten between the door and the car and frozen. You need to break that ice.
you need a scraper with a sharp-ish edge.

Run the scraper edge along in that teeny gap between the door and the car.
You might have to do it a few times. Do it gently, but try and get really down there. It also helps to have the car on with the heat running.
Do it a few times and the door should pop open.
Sometimes I also need to turn off the power on the door so I can give it a good tug. But usually not.
Let me know if it works!!
Worst case scenario I once unloaded the kids through my trunk to avoid them getting out in traffic!

Shosh said...

This happens to me every morning in the winter. But my doors are not power doors. usually if i remote start my car and let it warm for 5 minutes im able to wrench it open. although last year I did have to load T in the car, infant carseat and all, through the front.

why are u having 20 people for lunch? menu suggestion: rice krispie treats. have any rice krispies in the house? :)

Shira said...

Do you have longer than 24 hour days? Because I don't know how you do all the things you do...

Rachelz said...

Hey Sara-

Thanks so much for the Sienna door advice. Much needed.
And I agree about the time limit for dinners, as nice as it was.
I think I saw you driving by my house this morning while I was desperately trying to get my door open again this morning. I had to throw the baby over the front seat, oy!

Nahum and Rebecca said...

I just have to say in response to Shira that as Sara's twin sister, I completely hate her, because she seems to have plenty of time to sit on the couch either reading or watching tv, in addition to taking care of everything else, while I, on the other hand, am up till midnight taking care of things. I guess she got all the efficiency genes.

Rachelz said...

btw, I was so excited to go out and implement your new door opening trick.
But alas, the doors opened!

Probably tomorrow after this big storm hits I'll have to try it for real.