Sunday, December 14, 2008

Not Me! Monday

This past week...

It was certainly not me! who admonished my kiddies to stay far a way from the cookie sheets while baking Chanukah cookies and then proceeded to burn her finger on said cookie sheet.

It was certainly not me! who was using a kitchen towel (that slipped) instead of a potholder. I'm alway very safe in the kitchen.

It was also NOT ME! who was forced to iron about 16 dress shirts for the boys on Sunday because I have been procrastinating about doing my ironing.

It was also NOT me who decided to go to Homegoods and Old Navy instead of running 6 miles on Sunday.

I am not at all concerned about the impending marathon.

It was also not me who felt the need to call all her friends to inform them about the $0.29 cereal sale at Dominicks.

It was surely not me who went back to Dominicks twice and buy 5 boxes of cereal each time for a total of $1.60 for 5 boxes each time.

That would be ridiculous.

It is also NOT ME! who is so excited that Dovi's counselor from day camp for the past 5 years got engaged last week!

It was therefore definitely not me who kept her 11 year old up until after 10 pm on Saturday night to attend Aharon's engagement party.

And speaking of Dovi, it was CERTAINLY not me who forgot to pick up Dovi's valium, the valium that we were completely out of, the valium that he needs every day, until 5:47 pm, when the pharmacy closes at 6 pm.

It was therefore NOT ME who got up from the dinner table in the middle of dinner and tossed on her coat and ran to the pharmacy, arriving at 5:51 pm.

It was not me who breathed a major sigh of relief.

What about you? What didn't you you do this week?


Orah said...

It's not me who didn't know about the cereal...Oh wait, yes it is. Because you didn't tell me. What kind of cereal???? I need to know these things. Especially when FOOD is involved.

Rachelz said...

It was not me who could have used a running partner yesterday while running in the freakishly strong winds outside near lincoln park :(

DESJ and Company said...

Orah-here you go:

If you live near a Dominicks/Safeway store, there is a great deal on cereal though the 17th-I've already bought like 10 boxes and will probably go back again on the way home from work.
Here's the deal: Buy 5 participating boxes, get $5 instant rebate. There are quite a few on sale for $2.29-$2.99. The kicker comes when you use 5 $1 off coupons. If you clip coupons from the paper, there were 4 in Sunday's circular- or go to or and you can print a ton. So I bought 5 boxes for... $1.60. Yes you heard me right. That was with buying the $2.29 cereals.

Noah's Mommy said...

hey...who says shopping isn't considered excercise....and .29 for cereal...where is Dominicks..and where can I get one....stopping by from SITS...

Debbie Y. said...

Wait! It's never Moi! I am always on-time, glamorous, and in-control in every situation, NOT!

Thanks for the comment love on my SITS FB day!

elisha said...

thanks for the cereal tip!! I actually went to Dominick's and bought the cereal and the checkout guy said he hated me-he couldn't believe I bought so much and paid so little!! Please teach me how to use coupons and save $!!

Shosh said...

my mom told me you i see why! :)