Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another Excellent Sale Tip

Since my previous cereal sale info was so appreciated, here's another good one:

South Beach Cereal Bars are FREE at CVS this week. Here's how:

They are on sale 2/$5. Go here to print two copies of this $2 off coupon. Then when you go to CVS, go to the pharmacy and grab the Diabetes Book-it's a free handout. In the back of the book is a $1 off coupon from CVS. You can use all three coupons in one transaction. Just make sure you have your Extra Care card-otherwise you don't get the sale price.


I've gone twice :)


Chaviva said...

Thanx for the tip. Are they Pareve?

Rachelz said...

I posted a coupon on mine for $50 off a GPS system from best buy- tomorrow is the last day for it though. Let the money savings keep on rolling.

Shosh said...

im going through cvs withdrawal. those ecb are burning a hole in my pocket. are the stores open on new years?

elisha said...

thanks for the tip!! even though it's not free they also have albacore tuna on sale for 88 cents a can.

elisha said...

it only lets me print one copy of the coupon-how are you able to print more?

Mom said...

Went today (Wednesday) but they didn't have the diabetes pamphlet so they cost me .50 each. Still a great deal!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Good tip! Thanks

DESJ and Company said...

they are dairy.
Elisha-hit the backarrow on your browser a few times-it'll get back to the pront screen-but you can only print it 2x per computer. Idid once on my home one, once at work.