Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dovi's AFO/SMO update...and some other randomness

Nadine (PT) is still waiting to hear back from the orthopedist about Dovi's AFO vs SMO quandary...

The Toyota dealership must be wondering why three or four people called them yesterday for seat belt extenders...

I'm sooo clever-the HHA needs to deliver Dovi's oxygen concentrator for Winter Camp

He uses liquid at home but it weighs like 200 pounds. I'm not joking. It takes Benjie and a friend to get that puppy up the stairs after it gets filled. One step at a time. Yet the delivery guy does it himself. Scary.

Either way, I digress. He needs the concentrator for camp. It needs to get delivered today. After 12. But before 4. Due to the expected impending madness of a snowstorm that we are going to get tomorrow. But I will be at work. And they will not leave it in the side porch. costs like $4,000. Can't really say I blame them.

So what's a girl to do? I'm so's getting delivered to my mother in law's office. It's only like 6 blocks from my house. She's there all day. I'm one smart chick...

Am I the only one in a panic about the impending snow? I am not working tomorrow-it's that whole 20 hour thing again. I have a list about ten feet long of presents to buy errands to run tomorrow. When they are projecting 12 (yes, you read that correctly, Steph) inches of snow.

So I am assuming that said errands will not occur. So on the way to work this morning I dashed in and out of the fruit store-in nine minutes! Got to work on time, and shall take a slightly longer lunch hour than I should. But I will hopefully hit Target, JoAnns, and Sports Authority. Please G-d, make them have the stinking Nok Hokey.

Or I am, to put it politely, screwed.

Wish me luck.


Rachelz said...

I'm in denial about the snow. like maybe if I ignore the fact that it may happen- then I don't have to face up to the consequences.
Good plan right?

Shosh said...

im excited about the snow only beacuse it means that i could possibly wear my pajamas straight through from thursday night until saturday night (when unfortunately i have to go somewhere)