Thursday, December 4, 2008

My you all felt strongly about that.

If I had known that you all would feel so strongly about my fashion choices, I would've posted my Ugg quandary earlier. My word! 14 comments! That's almost my world record-my highest comment count in the past was 20 for Dovi's Birthday and 29 for my Magnum Opus-and then 14 for the Uggs???

Hee hee. I love you guys!

Sooo....the end result of the Ugg question.
Happy Birthday Sara. Love, Mommy.

My ever enabling, ever generous mother allowed me to avoid my insane issue of spending on myself by reading my post and buying me an early birthday gift.

Yes, I am very spoiled. Yes, my mother still buys me birthday gifts and I am 31 years old. Deal with it. You know you wish you were me.

My tootsies are warm and cozy this freezing cold (It was 18 freaking degrees!) Chicago morning.

And in case you all were wondering, my "open the Sienna" trick worked like a charm this morning. And as I was zipping down the street with a van full of kids and saw one of my happy readers, who shall remain nameless trying to get her van open, I showed her the correct way to implement the "Sara P patented frozen Sienna opening procedure"

And I was warm like a snowman.

EDITED: My sister has pointed out that "warm like a snowman" is an oxymoron and frankly makes no sense.

I was warm like an Eskimo.

Better now?


Nahum and Rebecca said...

I believe warm like a snowman is a bit of an oxymoron.

Ms. Stephanie said...

It's a low of 61 here today!

Haley Nicodemus said...

I think I'm going to ask for Ugg's from both sides of the family! I love them! It was 39 last night and I thought I was going to freeze to death!

Orah said...

Well this is certainly the best way to go about getting the boots. That was so nice of MOM. Enjoy your Uggs.

Kelly said...

Very cute boots!!! I'm very happy for you!

I think that all of your comments prove that it is really fun to spend other people's money!!!

Stay warm.

Tiffany said...

Warm like a snowman... hahahaha. You should copyright that move you've got... maybe an a video and infomercial?

Rachelz said...

I'm blushing, I was mentioned on your blog. I am the loyal reader who was struggling with my Sienna doors. But alas, wasn't able to open them. I bought a new scraper though, maybe my old one wasn't sharp enough.
I like your boots by the way. I went through the same dilemna last year.

Risa said...

I have to comment since I feel like a total idiot for having such strong feelings on the Uggs dilemma.

Good choice. My Mommy buys me good b-day presents too. In fact she was going to buy me the Uggs, but now that I didn't get them, I can get something else!