Monday, November 3, 2008


Yesterday was the big EsKape event.

Holy cow did it go great! So many friends came! Thank you for coming out and supporting Chai Lifeline. The location was fabulous, all the kids had a blast, and the food was yummers.

Pizza? Wraps? Pasta? Donuts? What more could we want? My kids had a blast eating about 4,000 Dunkin Donuts each and drinking umpteen cups of Coke. I was a bit concerned they might puke in the car on the way home, but thankfully we escaped that. (haha-get it? escaped? I'm funny)

There were four large screens showing this year's Camp Simcha Special video on a continuous loop. (yes, my CSS readers, we had the 2008 video! Video Joe hooked us up :) ) I honestly can say that I know the entire video by heart now. It was great.

Video Joe (remember when he came to visit us Dovi?) spoke for a bit. Quite excellently I must say. We also were lucky enough to have him stay with us for Shabbos. Him and his friend. Who slept until noon on Shabbos. Not at our house, though, due to the flooded scary slasher film basement. They enjoyed the newly drywalled/carpeted due to the same flood as us dark basement at my friend Michelle's. Can you imagine sleeping until noon? I think I have, once, in the past 11 years. When I had the most raging case of strep throat I have ever experienced. Either way, it was lovely to have them. Hope they come again! Although they might be afraid to because my kids were...umm... a little excited to have them and ran around like loony tunes on Friday night screaming their heads off. Nice.

Would it be absolutely repulsive if I used the leftover Nacho Cheese sauce from the event to make macaroni and cheese casserole tonight for dinner?


Mom said...

Absoulutely not. Make the mac & cheese and enjoy!
Kudos to Benjie on a job well done.

Shosh said...

the food was sooooo good and i was nauseous all night from eating too much of that dip. and i have to say it was refreshing to see the camp simcha video as opposed to what is normally being shown on those screens. the marathon man and the superman guy were highly amusing as well

Orah said...

First of all, WHERE is the leftover chips and dip? Second, that was a GREAT pic of Dovi by the arcades. And my two year old wants to know when he can go "balling" again. And I hope Shana is not as sore from the 25 pound laser tag pack as my daughter is. It was a great event.

DESJ and Company said...

i know! I was soooo sick from the food-I seriously ate a pound of taco dip!

I'm glad you enjoyed Dovi's camp video-I'm sure the superman guy would be thrilled to hear he was broadcast to 400 people in Chicago :)

The marathon guy is Roy-he seriously lost over 100 pounds training!

The leftovers are all in my kitchen-we should have a nacho party :)

Shana's not sore, just a crabby little snot. Lovely.