Friday, October 31, 2008

So Bizarre...

So for those of you who don't know, we have a small jewelery store. (Come! Buy! We're nice!) Jewelery stores have both (a) safes and (b) alarm systems. The safes are on metal plates with tons of alarm features-vibration sensors, movement sensors, damage sensors. You name it, there's a sensor for it. Benjie's safe looks something like this: It's big. It weighs like 500 pounds. Or maybe 1000 pounds. Honestly. I'm not joking.

So Benjie has intermittent issues with his vibration sensors-as in the go off all. the. time. for. no reason. The vibration sensor is supposed to register if someone is drilling into the safe. It's not supposed to go off at 4:37 am for four nights in a row. It seriously makes no sense.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights, the alarm went off at 4:31 am, 4:36 am and 4:37 am respectively. There was nothing wrong. All we got was a phone call in the middle of the night and a good shot of adrenaline, because phone calls in the middle of the night usually mean either someone was born or someone died. If the entire jewelry mall was not alarmed, and motion sensored, and barred with metal grates, I'd be really nervous by this three nights in a row alarm issue.

But because of all the security there, I'm more just completely perplexed. Because, while the alarm did not go off last night, we DID get a phone call at 4:21 am. It was Privacy Manager and no one was there. But the phone DID ring.

So why has my phone rung at 4 am for the past four nights in a row? Is G-d trying to give me some type of message? Am I supposed to be getting up then to say Tikkun Chatzos (a kabbalistic prayer that I'm not even sure what it's for)? Why is this happening?

It's so bizarre...

On another note, ADT is coming to service the alarm today.

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Orah said...

I am familiar with this phenomenon of jewelry businesses experiencing false alarm calls to the owner's house in middle of the night. I wouldn't read too much into it. I would, however, retitle your blog "So ANNOYING". Here's to a good night's sleep.