Monday, October 6, 2008

Epiphanies for today/Not Me Monday

Here we are again...your favorite day of the week...

  • I do not absolutely adore nitrous oxide. good. very good. I got a cavity filled with it recently, and let me tell you? I could become an addict easily.
  • I do not have the mouth of a 80 year old person who has never had dental care. I have had 3 root canals, fillings in every other back tooth, a gross discolored cap over a broken front tooth (thanks to an unfortunate gym accident in the 3rd grade), and might have to have one of those root canals extracted. And replaced with an implant due to possible root degeneration. Of course now it's hurting me because I know it should. And I have another cavity waiting to be filled.
  • It did not take me 11 yers of marriage to discover online bill pay. also very good. what took me so long to try it? click click click...paid. It's a beautiful thing.
  • I do not live well in chaos. The basement has almost put me over the edge. But I'm trying to maintain perspective. Seriously. It's a BASEMENT. As Benjie said (I hope this doesn't sound awful) "It's not like someone died, Sara. It's a basement. It'll be fine"
  • It might be useful to keep track of what order the panels go in the sukkah. As in the 2 foot panel here, then the 2 foot window panel, then the 4 foot door one, then the 3 foot solid wall, then 4 4 foot wall ones, and finally the 3 foot. Why must we write it down? Because evidentially Benjie and I are idiots and we put the darned sukkah together WRONG. Three times. Until we got the correct order. Which is now diagrammed nicely on the sukkah manual. What should have taken 15 minutes took an hour.
  • I did not get locked into the sukkah. It also might be useful to locate the key for the sukkah door prior to trapping me in the sukkah. The door was locked, and as you all know, the other exit, the side porch, is no longer the side porch but an impassable repository for crap.
  • The 4th and final crack in our foundation is not under/behind the staircase to the basement, thus prompting the waterproofing guy to request from my handyman to please RIP OUT THE STAIRCASE to my basement so as to properly waterproof it. Ummm no. Figure out another way. I am not climbing down a ladder to the slasher film cellar basement with baskets full of laundry (no, we don't have a laundry chute). I've already fallen once this weekend (in the sukkah while balancing precariously on a patio chair) and have no desire to break my other knee. I really think there might be something quite wrong. Benjie claims it's just a nasty bruise. But I'm a spaz and get bruises all the time. This hurts much more. Time will tell.
  • I most certainly did not forget to call Dovi's Chai Lifeline Big Brother and tell him that no, we were not going to be home for him to come over and hang out with D yesterday. That would've been incredibly rude.
Have a lovely Monday, everyone!


savta/imma said...

Don't feel bad! Hershel and I also had trouble -- AGAIN -- putting our sukkah together. They look like they should just go together like a puzzle but somehow they never do. At one point we needed four people (just for 10 minutes) to hold it upright so everything could fit in place at the top and the bottom. Then there was the pole that suddenly decided all on its own to fall on my head and bounce off onto my shoulder and then to the ground. Oh well! We're doing a mitzvah! Mommy
P.S. Check out that knee if it continues to bother you. My head and shoulder are, thank G-d, fine.

Stephanie said...

In Miami, they have sukkah support! People will come to your house and put up your sukkah for you. Of course, you must pay them, but um, if they have this in Chicago, call them. If they don't, start a business! :)