Friday, October 17, 2008

A Tease

I took a really, really cute picture of Dovi last night. But I'm at work and forgot my camera to upload the picture. So it's coming this afternoon. Check back later.

And I also took a picture of our Sukkah for all those inquiring minds. I'm rather proud of it-it has a chandelier this year! Hee hee. Very snazzy. So check back around 3ish for those.

And one other question-by a show of hands, who here is DYING watching all that Chol HaMoed laundry pile up? It gives me palpitations.

Also, thank you everyone for all your encouragement, both by email or comments for my day-care woes. I had a brainstorm last night that my brother and sister in law are out of town for the holidays, so I'm "borrowing" their housekeeper/babysitter for Monday and Thursday. Now I need to figure out Friday, but we're getting there!


Shosh said...

your sukkah has a chandelier? what happens when it rains?
our sukkah has a window but im at a loss as to how to make waterproof curtains for it. i wonder what the kinkos guy would say if i brought in some curtains to be laminated. any ideas?

DESJ and Company said...

It's an indoor outdoor one :)
it's fab. I love it.

Use oilcloth for your curtain-it can be purchased at any fabric store and you don't need to hem it. Is your window just open or does it have some type of plastic?

If it's open, here's my idea: buy a tension rod at Target, buy the oilcloth, and cut little slits so as to thread the oilcloth on in a woven manner-or just buy curtain clips.

If it's closed with hard plastic, can you mount a curtain rod? If you can't I'll have to think some more.

Estie said...