Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day

(Alternately titled: How Sara Got High and Hated It)

So yesterday, about 3 minutes after I finished my post, I got a call from Dovi's school that his eye was swollen and probably had conjunctivitis. I was most confused because his eye had been fine when he left for school about two hours prior. I was informed that his eye was swollen and looked like it might be getting a sty, and was goopy.

I was ticked and not overly polite, more because I was about to lose yet another day of work than anything else. I will not repeat what I said to the nurse as I picked him up. It was not pretty. Then I proceeded to wait over an hour in the eye doctor's office. Sure enough, he is getting a sty, which you do nothing for. And he has a very very mild case of conjunctivitis that he decided to treat more because of Dovi's history than because it really needed it. So he's on eye drops and is going to school come hell or high water. Yes, I have a note clearing him for school. Assuming the eye is not having discharge. Which it is not.

So D and I tootled on home, stopping to pick up the eye drops. While there I asked about the status of another one of his meds that is having insurance issues. For whatever reason, Medicaid, after paying for this med for 2 1/2 years, has now decided to deny it. They are trying to get it approved but so far, no go. I guess they'd rather pay for him to be hospitalized when he gets pneumonia, being as this is a med for his nebulizer. Fab.

Dovi and I ate lunch, and decided that it was not worth it to waste a perfectly good day off. So we headed out with a friend to heaven Homegoods, where we got a few little things and Dovi broke some tacky snowman plate, which they thankfully did not charge me for.

Then all the lovelies came home, we had dinner (chili in baked potatoes-amazing success!), did homework, and I dropped them all off at my in laws and headed out to my dentist appointment.

My teeth are even worse than I thought.

Remember I got two cavities filled a few weeks back?

Well now I have four more cavities and a tooth that needs to get EXTRACTED. As in pulled out. I need an implant! I think I need to yank them all out and get dentures.

So tonight I got two of the four cavities filled. Like last time, I got nitrous oxide. Unlike last time, I had a crappy insane reaction.

Firstly, I'm 100% sure that he drugged me up and left me to go treat another patient. Who was screaming to him about how she would have never bothered him for one broken tooth, but she has THREE broken teeth! But then again I might have been tripping. I seriously had insane hallucinations? thoughts? what are they called? At one point I recall the dentist saying "wow, she's getting really twitchy". What did that mean? Yikes!

On to my reaction:

I was out for like an hour and a half. When I came to, I was soooo out of it. I honestly don't remember checking out at the desk. I think I wrote a check to them. Not sure if it was for the correct amount.

Then I went outside and called Benjie and made him stay on the phone with me as I prepared to drive home. I've never been drunk, but imagine this must be what it felt like. I still can't believe I drove home. It was not a good idea.

I got home and collapsed onto the couch, feeling really sick. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I felt perfectly fine.

It was bizarre. Not an experience I would like to repeat. Although I will.

In a few weeks when I GET MY TOOTH EXTRACTED.


Orah said...

After leaving you this comment on the wrong post, because my brain is mush today, I have to repeat it here. I can not believe you left me a comment after such a day. It makes me even happier that you were my first comment ever. I hope you resolve this teeth issue soon, and I hope you have smoother days to come.

Shosh said...

oooooh my g-d. that is crazy. please do not drive yourself home after you get your tooth extracted. im pretty sure that this is why i dont go to the dentist. i realize that i will probably pay for this dearly when i do decide to go, but for now, i will be stupid. its stories like these that keep me away.

Miriam said...

Oy Sara- don't drive when you are high on happy gas! Bad news! The last time I was happy gassed- I got home and I sat in the office chair and was spinning in circles for probably 5 min straight singing "Its a small world" (no I don't remember any of this) I just remember waking up with a head ache!

Anonymous said...

The dentist's office was negligent in not insisting that someone else drive you home after essentially putting you under general anesthesia.

Glad you got better quick. Sorry about the extraction coming up. Hope Dovi's eye clears up fast.


ABC Trio said...

Hope Dovi's eye is better. I am in at the school all the time, and feel like I will forever be a stay at home mom for that reason......Also,you are freaking me out with your dental horrors. I have had a toothache for weeks and am putting off a root canal. Yikes.
Good luck with better days to come!