Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh My

So in my counter I can look at the keywords people used to get to my blog.

Here are the most recent. Some of them are very disturbing.

  • "happy dance under desk"
  • "simcha willig". He was Dovi's learning counselor at camp, and I have referenced him a few times because Dovi just adores him. Apparently so does someone else because he is googled at least once a week.
  • "blood pressure 139/97" well yes, Dovi's blood pressure was 139/97 once. But why would you google such a thing?
  • "Comcast remote not working" huh?
  • "aka insurance company"
  • "office closet" ummmm I have no idea what that references.
  • "hillel pittsburgh rosh hashanah" no idea again.
  • "child torture, pictures" o.m.g. I am so disturbed by that one. I believe the reference was from when our neighbor gave Shana a strep test at like 11 at night. But YIKES. Is there a way to track this person and report them?
Hope you all enjoyed them as much as I did. Except for the terrifying one.

And here is a picture of the Great Crap Relocation, 2008 Edition. If you've been in my side porch you will understand what you are looking at. Crap. has. filled. the. entire. porch. it is terrifying.

And on to even more terrifying things

(a) the asbestos guy left my fridge and freezer unplugged overnight. Deep freeze is fine. But all my Shabbos food? Destroyed. Yikes. Anyone have any chicken they'd like to share? and

(b) (Benjie doesn't even know this-I forgot to tell him!) One of Dovi's brackets from his braces-the front one-is detached from his tooth and has not fallen out only by the Grace of G-d and by the cute yellow rubber band holding it to the wire. Now when I had my braces (for five years thanks to extreme thumb sucking as a child) I have a distinct recollection of the orthodontist using some type of pliers device to yank those suckers off my teeth. So why are they popping off Mr. D's teeth like they're attached with chewing gum? Anyone?


Shosh said...

i have an extra potato kugel!

Estie said...

I have chicken in the freezer!

Nahum and Rebecca said...

If you were here in lovely Far Rockaway I would share some food, but alas...
Those keywords are wild!

Stephanie said...

let's just hope the person looking for child torture is against it, not for it. that's all.
and the office closet - i actually think you wrote about this because you're not working from home anymore.

Kelly said...

LOL!!! Too funny! A friend of mine had someone referred to her blog by googling "spanking in shower". hmmmm....ok.