Sunday, October 19, 2008

Not Me Monday

I would never have yelled at my kids to clean up their pigsty rooms and pick up their clothes while quickly closing my door so they could not see my clothes on my floor!

Never, never, would I break every one of my organizational rules right now as I sit on my couch blogging and my kitchen has imploded. It's awful.

I did not eat two or three bites from about ten apples today at the apple orchard...only to toss the uneaten portions under the tree.

I did not forget my camera in the car when we went to the apple orchard. Darn it!

I did not sit up until 1:30 in the morning Friday night reading. Why can't I control myself?

And then I would have never glued my butt to the couch Saturday morning until 11 am with a cup of coffee after Benjie took the little lovelies to shul (synagogue)....I think I read like 12 of the 24 hours from Friday at 9pm until Saturday at 9pm.

After having such a lovely morning, I would never have then slept for two hours on my in laws' couch on Saturday afternoon while ignoring the children allowing my in laws such precious one on one time with the children :)

I am not taking my entire dinner for tomorrow night out of the freezer. I would never serve a 100% leftover meal. To company.

I did not drink 5 Frescas in 1 day. Gross.

I did not almost break down in tears when I realized that we were out of Dunkin Donuts coffee...and be only marginally pleased by the Starbucks bag I located in the freezer.

I did not go to four different stores today that all sell flour and then when I began to make my challah dough this afternoon did not realize that I HAD NO FLOUR. Lovely.

I am not going to commit forgery on my childrens' vacation homework sheets because, darn it, I did forget to practice reading with them some nights and I don't want the teachers to know that (hopefully they're not reading this. If you are...hahahahaha....I make funny jokes)

My car does not smell like something died in it...

What about you?

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Melissa said...

I love the "allowing the in-laws precious one on one time with the kids" have me laughing!!

Rachelz said...

Um, not having anymore dunkin donuts coffee is a tragedy, I agree.
And I also stayed up WAY too late last night reading and now feel hungover from sleep depreivation. Reading is just too addicting!
And from the look of your food Sara, I would take your leftover meals over my freshly prepared ones anytime!

Rose C said...

That is hysterical. Love your Not Me Monday!

Anonymous said...

ok, coming out of lurkdom to ask what you are reading that is so compelling? i'm always looking for something good enough to keep my butt glued to the sofa on a shabbat morning! (actually, if my kids are in shul, even an old people or entertainment weekly will do me just fine!)


DESJ and Company said...

hmmm what was I reading...

I read 3 (holy cow) books over the weekend:

Flirting With Forty (such drivel)

Without a Backward Glance (actually quality somewhat...but disturbing)

Yikes and something else I've forgotten.

But I must confess that I have the second in the Twighlight series (yes, I'm 14-I'm not really Dovi's mom, I'm a bored 14 year old posing as her hahahahahahaha) waiting on my book pile until I get the first one from the library. I might even go BUY it. But htat would be highly embarrassing.

Books for me don't need to be compelling. They just need to exist. :) I love to read.

Kelly said...

You are too funny!! I've considered forging the reading log too...did the kids notice? Enjoy the Twilight series. I read the 1st one and really need to get ahold of the rest of them.