Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me! Monday

I would never have worn the. same. outfit. for. two. days. Sunday and today, Monday-hey, it was clean!

My six year old fashionista did NOT call me on it. "Mommy, you wore that outfit yesterday!"

I did not eat 2 1/2 hot dogs at the Blackhawks game last night. Hot dogs are (a) disgusting and (b) very unhealthy.

I did not have my children smuggle said hot dogs into the Blackhawks game last night. They don't sell kosher ones at the United Center!

I did not have a whole discussion with said children about the smuggling of said hot dogs: "Do not talk about the hot dogs stuffed into your coats while we are walking in!"

I did not also stuff said pockets of said children with potato chips because I am too cheap to pay $1.50 for potato chips at the Blackhawks game when same said chips are $.25 at the grocery store.

My children did NOT have a great time at the Blackhawks game last night.

They did NOT go to bed at 9:30pm. On a school night.

I am not the best mother ever.

I am not thanking my mom for the awesome birthday gift for the D man. They liked the hats too. And the soda. And the Lemonheads. Thanks.

Dovi was NOT crying however over the fact that the Blackhawks lost. On his birthday game. "It not fair Mommy"

Benjie did not then have to carry said ticked off 11 year old on his back down three flights of stairs to exist said Blackhawks game.

I am not sitting at work scratching my head because I heard that there is lice in one of my kids' schools.

I am not psycho phobic about lice.

I will check all my kids tonight. Maybe twice.

I did not just spend $8.10 in overdue fees at the library. Why can't I return books on time?

I have not read two out of the four Twilight books in four days.

I am not halfway through the third.

I am not wondering what the hype was about.

But I am not feeling compelled to finish because they're like a car crash that you must watch.

I will not be reading said books tonight. All night.

I am not very tired.

What about you? What didn't you do today?


Jill said...

Happy Birthday, Dovi!
It sounds like you all had a wonderful time at the hockey game. I am such a hockey fan. Although my team wears black and green. :)
I so hear you on recycling outfits rather than washing them. I never do that either!

Always Been Different said...

Happy Birthday !

And what didn't I do..I didn't take so much medicine last night that I didn't wake up till 10:30 am, so I did NOT just put a picture up for my "Not Me! Monday"

Gretchen said...

I always look forward to not me, mondays!
I did NOT just finish my christmas card on nov. 17. I do NOT rock.
I did NOT go to the gym today...oh, wait. That one i actually did not do!

Galiah said...

Your description of how your husband carried Dovi down the stairs on his back-- EXACTLY how we get Kovy down....

rickismom said...

Yeah, you got me on the books...

I did not stay up on the computer till 1AM (better than 2)

I did not close the computer when husband came up the stairs, so he wouldn't know I was on it...

I did not yell at Ricki to SHUT UP as she went into the fifth minute of saying :I'm thirsty (where no drinks are available

Shosh said...

I did not go away for 4 days and bring only two weekday skirts. Yep. One of them, I wore Thursday, Friday, and Sat night. Oh, and I'm wearing it today.

Stephanie said...

1. What are blackhawks?
2. All my students are in a Twilight vortex - they are reading it all day, every day. I must read it, just because I want to be cool too :) and have something to talk to them about. Silly me to have "free choice reading" this month.

Orah said...

It was not me who started the "take your girls into the MEN'S bathroom" phenomenon during intermission at the production of Cinderella that was by women for women only (thus, no men around using the restroom anyway) I did not then have to explain to my six year old and four and a half year old girls what a urinal is.

Julie said...

Great not me monday! I think I have you beat on the outfit-thing. Very few things are fitting after having a baby!