Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Me! Monday

So Not Me! Monday is running a little late, due to...ummm..MckMama having her baby a few days ago. So here we go:

This past week:

I would NEVER have stuck my kids in front of the TV for like two hours on Sunday morning because the house was spotless due to impending video making in my house (don't even ask) and I didn't want them to trash it.

I have not ignored my kids the past two nights in a row and let my lovely amazing hubby put them to bed.

I would never have fed my family the same dinner three out of the past four nights (Friday night, Sunday night, and Monday night).

I would never, ever have not started and then put down about four different books. I just haven't been able to find one that speaks to me. I always finish what I start.

Am not coming up with a radical new reorganization of my first floor. It does not involve the giving away of my breakfront. Why would I find more space by disposing of furniture? How does that make sense? And loyal readers, what does my need to reorganize say about my stress level in life?

Am NOT about to become the mother of an 11 year old. What the heck?! I'm like 23 years old. How has this happened?

Did not see the graffiti my darling daughter (yes, she's 6, not 2) applied to my car, Benjie's car, and her dresser, and think "ooh this will be a funny blog post"

I'm not a wacko and have not discovered the joys of ironing my boys' dress clothes with starch. Who am I kidding? I hate ironing. I just needed to mention to you all that I use starch. I'm snazzy that way.

What about you? What else have you not done this week?


galiah said...

I have not just baked about 4 dozen choc. chip craisin oatmeal cookies for a Professional Development breakfast in my school tomorrow-- only to discover, upon producing very flat, flimsy cookies, that I doubled the margarine-- but not any other ingredient. That happened because I was NOT on the phone w a friend discussing the evils of baking while talking on the phone. I did not just stick the whole greasy, soggy mess into the freezer in the hopes i can pass it off as a fancy dessert w a scoop of icecream on top. I did not just pull out some pumpkin muffins from the freezer (that have been taken out, then re-frozen several times already) for the PD breakfast tomorrow. ;(

DESJ and Company said...

That sucks!!!!!!

Orah said...

And my family NEVER hears me say, "Eat it today or you ARE going to see it again tomorrow".