Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Time for

Not Me! Monday!

This past week...

I most certainly did not go to my kids' school in pajamas with a skirt thrown over it. That would be embarrassing if I saw anyone I knew. Which I most certainly DID NOT.

While driving to said school, I did not see a teenage girl with French Cuffed Jeans. Why oh why has that idiotic style come back? At least she didn't have on kewl Guess? Jeans and a Benetton Sweatshirt (no laughing, you remember that. With your Eastland loafers with the little knotty things on the end of the laces and your Esprit bag)

I did not get into a huge screaming match with the mechanic regarding repairs on my car.

I did not then send my hubby to pick up the van.

I am not still very ticked off about it.

I did not spending the whole day on Sunday in pajamas lounge wear

We are not still out of diapers for Dovi.

I did not have to buy him Depends that are 400 sizes too big thus necessitating 400 sheet changes this past weekend.

I did not tell my hubby I find it sexy when men clean up to get him to clean up the trashed kitchen on Saturday.

By the way, it most certainly did not work.

I do not recommend all wives try said method.

I have not been unable to find Shana's ballet leotard for about a month.

She has not been wearing leggings, a t shirt, and her ballet tutu to ballet every Sunday due to this issue.

I do not think that her leotard us underneath her bed

And I am not too lazy to try and find it.

She is not quite adorable in this ensemble.

I am not running again!

I am not feeling pumped up for the marathon.

I'm not really enjoying my plain simple layout/banner.

That's all for me

What about you? What didn't you do?

Have a great week!

PS I am not feeling supremely irked by the spacing issues blogger is giving me.
EDITED: I am not pleased that my spacing is now working. Thank you Blogger.


Orah said...

I do not also wake up in a t-shirt, pull skirt on and realize the only good thing about cold weather is putting coat on over this mess and calling it a day. I love pajamas!!

Keyona said...

Whatever gets them to clean right?? :o)

Jill said...

I still send my husband to the pharmacist every month after I had a heated conversation with the cashier three months ago. Thank the Lord for thick-skinned husbands!

rickismom said...

" By the way, it most certainly did not work."

Not surprising.!!!!

DESJ and Company said...

It actually DID work. Most winningly I might add-I just wrote it in "Not ME! Monday" style :)

shan said...

Ahh the french cuff. I had to do it on the school bus because my mom wouldn't let me leave the house like that!

Too funny!

Anonymous said...

I did not wear that ensemble in the 80-90s.

I do not secretly want it to come back:0)for just a little to get it out of the system

I do not search E-bay for said Esprit bag.

You did not make me smile today with your post:)