Friday, November 7, 2008

What is that on the floor you ask?

Hmm...kinda looks like some white poo...on my kitchen floor.

No, no, folks, it's what Benjie discovered when he went in the kitchen after we finished watching Gray's Anatomy (or is it Grey's?) and found my amazing ever-rising challah dough.
Yikes! I made a quadruple batch of challah so as to make the bracha when separating the dough for a little girl here in Chicago who was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer (see, everyone has their pekalah).

For some reason, my yeast was...ummm....overenthusiastic?

I shoved it all back in, transfered some of it to a container, and stuck it in the fridge. Now it's overflowing AGAIN from both those containers in my scary-slasher-film-basement-fridge-the-same-fridge-that-was-unplugged-by-the-asbestos-guys.

I'll be baking lots of challah this afternoon!

On to bigger and better...who here is amazed by how the trees have just shed their leaves this week? My tree in front of my house was covered on Sunday. Now my lawn is 100% covered in leaves. Which makes the children quite happy. They've been making large leaf piles and jumping. They have some scary plan for this afternoon involving bats and cups of water, so as to make rivers in the leaves. Not sure we're going to really do that.

I'm really hoping that my lawn service is coming on Monday to take away said leaves-are they finished already for the season? I have no idea. But if your kids like leaves, come play on our lawn.

That's all. Not so interesting. Have a nice weekend.

I have excellent "Not Me! Mondays" coming on Monday, so come back soon!

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Orah said...

MMMMM!!! What is that extra seasoning in your Challah this shabbos? Tastes like...tastes like...floor perhaps.