Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another Hidden Cost of Dovi

Tonight, my hubby is going to a dinner from the school he went to.

My sister in law's father is being honored at said dinner.

I am not going to said dinner.

Why? You may ask. It would make sense for you to go- (a) it was Benjie's school (high school and college) and (b) Rochie's father is being honored.

But I am not going because I have no one to take care of Dovi. It's one thing when I get a babysitter and have my mother in law run over for a few minutes to put Dovi to bed. You can't really ask a 16 year old high school girl to diaper an 11 year old, give him his meds and Pedialyte through his g-tube, ointment up his eyes, and hook him up to his oxygen and BiPap. Not gonna happen.

And since my in laws are going to the above mentioned dinner, I'm out of luck.

I feel terrible. How can I not be going?

The D strikes again. I'll be home foraging eating something nice and nutritious while Benjie is at the dinner.

I really need to find someone, anyone, to train to take care of Dovi, besides for me, Benjie, the nurse, and my mom and Benjie's parents. We used to have Katy our nanny, but she's retired from child care as far as I know. So we're back on our own.

But it's SO hard to find someone who might like to do this. It's not particularly fun or enjoyable. It's not glamorous. If I lived in New York I could snag any one of the Camp Simcha Special guys (or girls!) and beg and grovel ask one of them to help us out.

But here in Chicago there's not a large amount of CSS guys or girls. As in: there are none.

So we're on our own. What else is new?

On a side note, all my extremely furry boys are getting their hair cut at 4:45 this afternoon, and the barber is literally around the corner from the pizza store. Benjie is not home for dinner. In my mind that equals only option:

Who wants pizza for dinner?


Shosh said...

Sorry for being uneducated....but doesnt Chai Lifeline have volunteers in town?

DESJ and Company said...

CL DOES have volunteers-but not very many of them, and if they are official CL volunteers they're not actually allowed to do any medical stuff. Liability, you know.
But if there was a CSS counselor that I could hire on my own, it would work. But there are none.

WriterGrrl said...

What about a nursing student from a nearby hospital? When I was growing up, they were the only babysitters my paranoid mother ever hired. Usually the ones who had earned top marks in my dad's lectures.

Rachelz said...

I now have to go! :( Hope the food is somewhat decent. I wish I could go to the dinner in my pajamas :)!

Orah said...

Although I am sorry I can not help you out tonight, it just so happens,I went to Nursing School and passed the nursing boards and received my nursing license which is current and updated and you should call me in the future if you are in a bind. And I am also a MOM, so there is the general assumption I can take care of kids. Sorry you could not find someone for tonight. Pizza sounds good, I think it is hot dogs for us tonight on account that I hate Tuesdays and I am spent by supper time.