Friday, November 21, 2008

I guess I'll embarrass myself

because I really have very little else Dovi-wise to blog about.

Oh wait-three things.
  • I'm currently ignoring that big unhealed wound in his mouth. Sue me. I can't deal with it. It's not infected. It's not bothering him. It does make his breath and drool reek though. Maybe it's worth dealing with. When I get my butt off the couch.
  • His orthotics are YET AGAIN giving him problems. Left foot again. This time the blister is between two toes. Yes, you read correctly. Makes no sense. His physical therapist is beside herself. We have an appointment on December 4 at an orthotist to get him and the offending orthotic checked out more closely.
  • Last night when Benjie went out to the side porch to get a new case of diapers for Dovi, he made a startling discovery: we have no more diapers. We have lots of chux and lots of pointless diaper liners. But diapers? Seem to be plum out of. So we rustled up some bizarre spare diapers from his closet and 'll call our provider and beg for them to overnight us our shipment. But in the meantime our lovely friend Jeremy will steal bring home a package from his nursing home. Great idea, Rebecca!

On to my embarrassment.

I was tootling down the highway to work yesterday morning, all excited to be working til only 12:45 due to my now-shortened work schedule. It was 8:41 (yes, I checked the time on my phone). I was chatting with Rebecca, wife to Jeremy the diaper thief . My phone beeped a call waiting. To which I said to Rebecca:

"I can't believe Benjie's still at home!"

Then I clicked over to Benjie.

"Sara, you get the genius award"

I immediately knew. I looked down. Sure enough, I had Benjie's keys. Which meant that he (a) did not have a key to his car and (b) he did not have keys to his cases at the store. Nice.

Let me remind you that I was less than five minutes from work.

Sucks to me me. Turned around, drove home and swapped keys.

And worked until 1:45 :(


Orah said...

this actually refers to yesterday's blog, but Ro thanks you for the chocolate milk this morning that I said YES to. After all, the milk component of it, is probably healthier than the apple juice she gets every morning. So what that it took me 1 extra minute to prepare.

Rachelz said...

That is so something I would do. Thanks for sharing it.

Heather said...

Sara, I just wanted to tell you that I posted a picture of my freaky twisty foot trick, just for you!